Athena Fatale

Nylon Girls by Christine Kessler
Viva’s Pinups – Bullet Bras & Backseat Betties by Viva Van Story
On Location: Photos By Vance
Tattoo Collection magazine – cover
Von Gutenberg magazine Vol 1 – 6 page spread with interview
Femme Fatales magazine
Skin Two
Secret Magazine
Car Kulture Deluxe
Ol’ Skool Rodz
The Horse
Iron Horse
Tattoo International
Savage Tattoo
Skin & Ink

Lithium Picnic
Stewart Cohen
Ellen Stagg
Perry Gallagher
Michael Helms
Aaron Hawkes
David Lockard
Photos By Vance
Maxine Avet
Steve Prue
Roy Varga
Jody Cortes
Barry Underhill
Holly West
Viva Van Story
Alejandra Guerrera
Renard Garr
Jill Rasco
Christine Kessler
Mug Shot Photography
Amy Rivera
Steven Andres
Stephen McClure
Timthy Dolph
Gwen Media
Sean McCall
Bill Reichardt
J. Frede
Josh Rueben
Brandon Showers
Greg Daniels
Thomas Landon
Russell Turns
Shanda Kerr

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Sponsored Performer/Model For Prohibition Clothing
Gothic Beauty Issue #24 (2 ad pages for Heavy Red)
Gothic Beauty Issue #25 (2 page Showcase for Heavy Red)
NT Hair Falls flyer model
Promo shots for Penny Royal (band)

SEMAAF @ Tipitina’s in New Orleans
Fashion Show @ SEMAAF for Hot Topic
SINched Fashion Show @ Numbers (MM#119405)
Headlining Act for Dare Ware’s Halloween Party 2007 @ Rich’s
Model for Soak Salon and Heavy Red @ RocBar
Stylist for Dare Ware Fashion Show @Rich’s

TSB Photography
Allen Falkner (MM #5312)
Lochai (MM #6484)
Dark Matter Zone (MM #22486)
SubSociety (MM #105816)
(2)Natasha Epperson (MM #63436)
(2)Silvera Imaging (MM#51672)
(2)Jon Rowader (MM #27854)
TxPhotog (MM #106035)
(2)Bryan Crump (MM #413)
(2)Danny Clark (MM #291293)
(2)Silentis (MM #26520)
(2)Richard Priest (MM #13494)
(3)Richard Tallent (MM#98472)
ObsidianDrag0n (MM #25205)
SMV Productions (MM #308042)
(3)House Of Graphx (MM#294849)
(3)Rabid Girl Scout (MM#378835)
Gero Garza Photography
(2)GrayAgent (MM#238154)
Harry Lew (MM#148758)
(3)Tyler Ondine (
Clay’s Photography (MM#424126)
A Slice Of Oblivion (MM#357451)
(3)Jason Stone (MM#52793)
(2)Lithium Picnic (MM#581)
Viktor Tatran (MM#475789)
Darla Teagarden (MM#379976)
DH Photography (MM#412279)
Beauty In Art (MM#175818) @ RocBar
ArrMutt (MM#12493)
Underhill Photography (MM#394988)
Divinorum Studios (MM#173644)

Wardrobe Stylists:
SINched Custom Corsets (MM#119405)
Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets) MM#25628
(2)Tyler Ondine (Heavy Red)

Pixie (MM#493763)
Kristin (MM#534873)
Apnea (MM#7339)
(3)Ai (MM #179055)
Athena Fatale (MM #12652)
Illyria Jade (MM #281845)
Miko (MM #34598)
(3)ToXic (MM#16315)
Mars Ayane (MM#146100)
Kelly (MM#476966)
Emilie (MM#104158)
Michelle (MM#436269)
Delaney (MM#447182)

Hair Stylists:
(2)Jessicka (MM#540639)

Make-up Artists:
Cosmetically Wasted (MM#591053)
(2)Charissa (MM#30005)
Adrian Brett (MM#322340)
Nina G Artistry (MM#479385)
Sabrina (MM#14725)
(2)Constanza Eliana (MM#429226)
Jenilee (MM#473138)
Sarah Suicidal (MM#492596)
Sara Samora (MM #376996)
Erica Esparza (MM #348591)
(2)Jezzahell (MM #173058)

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Adrienne Nixon

Photographers I have worked with:
Daryl Sylvan
Thomas Carson MM#135451
Just Plain Sexy Studio MM#137080
Imagenes MM# 92311
Instant Vintage MM#35552
James Rich MM#12044
Decidedly Dunlap MM#166492
Shane Windham
Stacey MacNeill
Dianna Constantine
Michael Patch
“I Don’t Remember That” Studio
JMT Photography
TLW Photography
Neil Cowley MM#652841
Critsey Rowe MM#770727
Spiritfire Photography/Michelle R. Kovach MM#857413
LKN Fantasy Photo – Mayhem #1341105

Artists I’ve worked with:

William “Nick” Johns MM#230265
Billy Tackett MM#170744
Dyann Callahan

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Black Silk

Ellen Griffin Photos
Out Of The Darkness
Great Oaks Photography
Minso Photo
MC Photography
ME Photography
Jeff Hofmann Photography
Prince Gabriel
Print: 2012 Pinup Calender for Zazzle
Featured in Gorgeous Freaks magazine July 25th 2012.

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Cali Miles

Swimwear Fitness Model 2018 Harley Davidson Dreamgirls Calendar
Festival Fashion Lifestyle Model
Lingerie Lifestyle Model
Lingerie Fitness Model

Awkward Moments in Your 20’s Featured Buzzfeed

The Leo King App Supporting
Raw Focus Principal Bobby Jones Productions
Super Pimp Principal Jon Jovan, Dustin Lee*
To Kill Ya Supporting Lakeside Studios**

Bye Bye Birdie Kim MacAfee Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresch
The Sound of Music Liesl Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresh
The True Story of Cinderella Cinderella Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresh

The Blue Vegan Principal Cali Miles Inc.

Sleep to Dream Dancer/Friend Krysdayanti
Picky Remix Ft. Akon Featured Model Joey Montana
Bala Hob Bala Bateekh’ Dancer Fares Karam
All The Way Friend Justina Valentine

‘Miss Ink’d 216’ 2013-14 Co-Host w/ Bernadette Macias Liquid Cleveland/Cali Miles Inc
Ladies Night Promoter/Host Zar Nightclub/Cali Miles Inc
Voice It Radio Host Bomb Squad

Vocalist, Musical Theater, Soprano, Pop, Rapper, Makeup Artist, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Softball, Yoga, Running, Go-go Dancing, Great with Animals

PROMOTIONS (Most Recent)
Slingshot L.A. Auto Show Brand Ambassador Nov 2016
Progressive IMS Brand Ambassador Nov 2016
Gran Centenario Kaaboo Festival Brand Ambassador Sep 2016
US Outlets Sands Expo Spokes Model August 2016
Black Leaf Chalice Festival Spokes Model July 2016
Romantix Long Beach PRIDE Brand Ambassador May 2016
Heineken Coachella Brand Ambassador May 2016
Tecate Long Beach Grand Prix Brand Ambassador April 2016
Lipton Grammy Beauty Bar Brand Ambassador Feb 2016
TTS Grand Ntl. Roadster Show Brand Ambassador Jan 2016
RME Audio NAMM Convention Brand Ambassador Jan 2016
Toyota NHRA Brand Ambassador July 2015
Ladies Night Zar Nightclub Host/Emcee/Promoter Jan 2014-May 2015
Miss Ink’d 216 Liquid Cleveland Host/Emcee/Promoter Oct 2013 Oct 2014

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Modeled in the 2002 Fetish Ball
Modeled for Black Rose Productions

– Tracy Crockett of Necroscopic Unlimited
– M. Preach
– Malcolm Gore
– Eric Baze
– Nicole Moan, Ceramic corsets
– DVNC Arts, artist Robert Johnson
– Necroscopic Unlimited, artist Sam Ingle
– Throat, indipendant film by Charlie Freeman, as Yana

– The Final Fight, extra as waitress
– The Anarchist, extra
-Hellgate London, worked with Id Software
-Cadaver Cabaret, Horror Burlesque
-NecroGirls, Horror stage performance

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Cece Larue

Modeling since 1999
Fetish Kitty
Saryn Angel
Gothic Films
John Dongara
Groves Photography
John Fuentes
Groves Photography
John Fuentes
Gene Stardust
D Winge Photography
Don Sir
Surgeon Studios
JMV Foto
Ama Lee
Optical Wasteland
Jack Blake
Optical Wasteland
Rotten Candy
Kevin Break
Kat Attack Photography
Giepers Photography Studios
the list goes on and on
Companies Ive Had The Pleasure Of Working With
ALL IN magazine
Coffin Case
Steady clothing
Tres Noir
Syren Latex
Betty B. Dangerous Swimwear
PosionCandy clothing
The Atomic Boutique
Lovely Creature Corsets
PoisonCandy Clothing
Wild West Kustoms
Torture Couture
chopped up cherries
Dismantled Fashions
What Photographers
Have To Say About her
“I have had the pleasure of working with CeCe on several occasions. She is always on time and prepared. Each time I have worked with her, she has put forth 110%. She always makes it easy to achieve the look and feel for any style or theme that I have set through her ability to do her own make up and work under direction or lack of direction. I always look forward to working with her. I highly recommend her.” -Saryn Saryn Angel Photography “CeCe is as professional as you are going to get. She knows what she has to put into her shoots and you can see the effort in the final product. She is hard working and always on top of her game. She is very organized and follows directions well. We have worked together in various projects and I hope to continue with our partnership in future endeavors.” Jorge Vargas JMVfoto

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PHOTOGAPHERS: Shane O photo, Ayita Photography, Tom Wilson, Val Erie Photography, Dawgjaw photography, Alan Higgins, and HMP

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Chelsea La Vone

Coffin Case
Dickies Girl
Affliction Clothing
Franco Shade
Fukm Threads

Car Kulture Delux
The Horse
Rebel Rods

Lady GaGa – Poker Face Video – Interscope 2008
Lost Boys 2 G Tom Mac Music Video – 2008
Chimaira Music Video 2007
The Generators Music Video 2007
XFX Challenge

Ink n’ Iron
Coffin Case Runway Shows
Just One Look Hair show

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Courtney Crave

Metro ANE – cover 2x
Tattoo Erotica – 2011 6 page feature
Vicious Bettys Magazine – April/May 2011 feature
Pin Curl Magazine – January 2011 cover, interview, 4 pages
Bizarre Magazine – June 2010
Retro Lovely Issue 1 2010
Cheesecake Magazine – February 2010
Cheesecake Magazine – January 2010
Pin Up Perfection 2010 Calendar – month of January
Java’s Bachelor Pad – 25 Days of Christmas Cuties, December 5th – December 2009
Pin Up Perfection Magazine Issue 2 – November 2009
Cheesecake Magazine – June Cheesecake Girl, interview and 3 page spread – June 2009
Cheesecake Magazine – cover – May 2009
Southern Fried Rockabilly Magazine – March 2009
Vicious Bettys Magazine – cover, interview, and 5 page spread! – March 2009
Lit Magazine – March 2009
Vicious Bettys Magazine – December 2008
Dallas Observer, “Best of Dallas 2008” Edition – September 2008
“Today was a good day…” – Photo Book by Mark A. Lively
Marquis No. 43 – May 2008
Envy Magazine – May 2008
Synthesis Digital Magazine – Issue 9
Dallas Observer Online – December 2007
Tattoo & Piercing Magazine – Fall 2007
Metro ANE Magazine – multiple issues

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