Sponsored Performer/Model For Prohibition Clothing
Gothic Beauty Issue #24 (2 ad pages for Heavy Red)
Gothic Beauty Issue #25 (2 page Showcase for Heavy Red)
NT Hair Falls flyer model
Promo shots for Penny Royal (band)

SEMAAF @ Tipitina’s in New Orleans
Fashion Show @ SEMAAF for Hot Topic
SINched Fashion Show @ Numbers (MM#119405)
Headlining Act for Dare Ware’s Halloween Party 2007 @ Rich’s
Model for Soak Salon and Heavy Red @ RocBar
Stylist for Dare Ware Fashion Show @Rich’s

TSB Photography
Allen Falkner (MM #5312)
Lochai (MM #6484)
Dark Matter Zone (MM #22486)
SubSociety (MM #105816)
(2)Natasha Epperson (MM #63436)
(2)Silvera Imaging (MM#51672)
(2)Jon Rowader (MM #27854)
TxPhotog (MM #106035)
(2)Bryan Crump (MM #413)
(2)Danny Clark (MM #291293)
(2)Silentis (MM #26520)
(2)Richard Priest (MM #13494)
(3)Richard Tallent (MM#98472)
ObsidianDrag0n (MM #25205)
SMV Productions (MM #308042)
(3)House Of Graphx (MM#294849)
(3)Rabid Girl Scout (MM#378835)
Gero Garza Photography
(2)GrayAgent (MM#238154)
Harry Lew (MM#148758)
(3)Tyler Ondine (
Clay’s Photography (MM#424126)
A Slice Of Oblivion (MM#357451)
(3)Jason Stone (MM#52793)
(2)Lithium Picnic (MM#581)
Viktor Tatran (MM#475789)
Darla Teagarden (MM#379976)
DH Photography (MM#412279)
Beauty In Art (MM#175818) @ RocBar
ArrMutt (MM#12493)
Underhill Photography (MM#394988)
Divinorum Studios (MM#173644)

Wardrobe Stylists:
SINched Custom Corsets (MM#119405)
Louis Fleischauer (AMF Korsets) MM#25628
(2)Tyler Ondine (Heavy Red)

Pixie (MM#493763)
Kristin (MM#534873)
Apnea (MM#7339)
(3)Ai (MM #179055)
Athena Fatale (MM #12652)
Illyria Jade (MM #281845)
Miko (MM #34598)
(3)ToXic (MM#16315)
Mars Ayane (MM#146100)
Kelly (MM#476966)
Emilie (MM#104158)
Michelle (MM#436269)
Delaney (MM#447182)

Hair Stylists:
(2)Jessicka (MM#540639)

Make-up Artists:
Cosmetically Wasted (MM#591053)
(2)Charissa (MM#30005)
Adrian Brett (MM#322340)
Nina G Artistry (MM#479385)
Sabrina (MM#14725)
(2)Constanza Eliana (MM#429226)
Jenilee (MM#473138)
Sarah Suicidal (MM#492596)
Sara Samora (MM #376996)
Erica Esparza (MM #348591)
(2)Jezzahell (MM #173058)

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Modeled in the 2002 Fetish Ball
Modeled for Black Rose Productions

– Tracy Crockett of Necroscopic Unlimited
– M. Preach
– Malcolm Gore
– Eric Baze
– Nicole Moan, Ceramic corsets
– DVNC Arts, artist Robert Johnson
– Necroscopic Unlimited, artist Sam Ingle
– Throat, indipendant film by Charlie Freeman, as Yana

– The Final Fight, extra as waitress
– The Anarchist, extra
-Hellgate London, worked with Id Software
-Cadaver Cabaret, Horror Burlesque
-NecroGirls, Horror stage performance

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Courtney Crave

Metro ANE – cover 2x
Tattoo Erotica – 2011 6 page feature
Vicious Bettys Magazine – April/May 2011 feature
Pin Curl Magazine – January 2011 cover, interview, 4 pages
Bizarre Magazine – June 2010
Retro Lovely Issue 1 2010
Cheesecake Magazine – February 2010
Cheesecake Magazine – January 2010
Pin Up Perfection 2010 Calendar – month of January
Java’s Bachelor Pad – 25 Days of Christmas Cuties, December 5th – December 2009
Pin Up Perfection Magazine Issue 2 – November 2009
Cheesecake Magazine – June Cheesecake Girl, interview and 3 page spread – June 2009
Cheesecake Magazine – cover – May 2009
Southern Fried Rockabilly Magazine – March 2009
Vicious Bettys Magazine – cover, interview, and 5 page spread! – March 2009
Lit Magazine – March 2009
Vicious Bettys Magazine – December 2008
Dallas Observer, “Best of Dallas 2008” Edition – September 2008
“Today was a good day…” – Photo Book by Mark A. Lively
Marquis No. 43 – May 2008
Envy Magazine – May 2008
Synthesis Digital Magazine – Issue 9
Dallas Observer Online – December 2007
Tattoo & Piercing Magazine – Fall 2007
Metro ANE Magazine – multiple issues

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Spooked TV Spokesmodel and Promo Model
Gothic Vogue Cover model
Multiple flip book Animation features by Leroy Roper
Dolce Red Carpet Extravaganza Runway Model

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Dyvora Darkthorn

This fiery alternative model was born in NY under the sign of the Sagittarius. As a child Dyvora was never the same as all the other little girls and would rather dress Barbie in fishnets and pop her head off only to be flushed down the toilet.

She would also be found reading occult books. It was also during this time Dyvora received classical ballet training. Dyvora has lived all over the Northeast and abroad, and is currently residing in Austin, TX.

She enjoys nightclubs, museums, books and artistic endeavors when not petting her two Monty-Python-esque bunnies. She also doubles as a magician’s assistant when necessary.

She also enjoys being a promoter and putting together fashion shows and themed events.

Also available semi-regularly in the NYC/CT area

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Tom Gilmour (Visual Distress)
Insuh Yoon
Indie Erotica
Dawn Holoweinko
Debbi Rotzkowitz
Minyan Zhu
Anthony DiCarlo
Micheal Wood
Lindsay Suprenant
DJ Addam Bombb
David Archambault
David Mooreno
Mark Vetrini
Jaime Martin
Mike Chaiken
William Walsh

Skin Art- COVER
Swedish Tattoo Magazine
Tattoo Society
Full Throttle
Fast Lane Bikes

*Models, Worked with*
Mary Leigh
Pheonix Phatal
Spooky Digital Girl
Lancelot the Vampire
Marissa Fetish
Damian Plague
Jesse Lovett
Kris SMack
Amanda GiaQuinto
Sharon TK

– EXXotica 2008 Convention
– SMack 2008 Modeled for Libidex Clothing
– Black Sun Festival 2008 (Dementia Clothing)
– Spring Fling 2007 (Latex Body Painting with Art Chick)
– Fetish Flea Market 2008 (Dementia Clothing)
– Art Jam @Rain Ultra Lounge 2008 (Body Painting for Raven’s Nest Tattoos)
– Pin-Up Contest at Philly Convention 2008 (WINNER)
– Pin-Up Contest at Starlight Tattoo Festival (3rd Place)
– Modeling Contest at J&J Cycles Open House (2nd place)
– Vending Model at New Jersey Bike Show
– Vending Model at Expo Center Bike Show

– Miss Philly Tattoo Convention 2008 smile
– Lead Female Role in “Rusted” movie by Jaymin Bricker
– J&J Custom Cycles Model (I no longer work with them)
– Ring Girl in Icepick music video “Tomorrow is Not a Promise”

Pheonix Phatal
Lady J

Dementia Clothing

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Kaia Bellanca

[P R I N T]
Lucky Mule Ad in February 2010 Juxtapoz Magazine
[P H O T O G R A P H E R S]
Phoenix Taylor
Kris Martin
High Art Studio
Milton Adams
Chad Windham
M Bradley
SK Images
Travis Lilley
XO Photography
H. James Hoff
Marcus Lopez
Shanda Kerr
Tim Best
Amy Karp
Bill Jarrel
Jeremy Dixon
Jasna Boudard
[M A K E U P A R T I S T S]
Sarah Downs
Hava Makeup Styling
Artistry By Tiffany
Nicholas Blaize
Va D
LaDonna Hearne
Nancy Lam
Vivienne Vermouth
Kayle Williams
[H A I R S T Y L I S T S]
Kristi Sharp
Sharin Faith Whitesitt
Nicholas Blaize
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Gia Wood
Vintage Flair
Shanda Kerr
[C L O T H I N G D E S I G N E R S]
Berit New York
Vanity Exposed
Petals 4 Pin-ups
Loves Mariessa
Lizzi London
Lucky Mule
JaJo Couture
Luscious Eve
House of Mob
Toxic Vision
[M O D E L S]
Frankie Jayne #655945
Amira Ansari
Melissa Meaow
Melanie Haden
Jacklyn Wade

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Acid Cow Girls Calander
Dallas Met Cover (1998)
Versaci BCBG Runway Benifit (1999)

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