Lauren N Lunday

Metal Mulish- Asr/ Print
Rebel Spirit
Skin Industries (skin babe)
Tattoo works lighters aka neon lighters
Fera Fera clothing
Morbid Fiber clothing
Enjoy Hair Products
Socities Idols
MP Fancy Swimwear
5150 Exotic Wear
RZST Clothing
AJB Clothing
IIXII Clothing
Vintage Glow Jewerly
LPZ life pleasure zone
No Fear
Hedony Design
Fresh Peaches Bikinis
Iso/Joico Hair products
Skin Magainze- Sept/Oct
Clubdistrict- Starlet of the month- Sept
Hwood Music Video “Punk Rock Chick”
Smoke Out Music Festival
Alt Exclusive magazine
Happy magazine
Skinnie Magazine
Skin Magazine
Laughlin Bike Run
Garberri Magazine

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Tomi Terror

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Brent Webb

Full time Mentalist.Have performed around the world during the last 15 years.

Brent Webb will astound you!
It’s just that simple.
He will amaze you and make you laugh.
Using what he calls “heightened sensory
perception”, he will know what’s
on your mind before you do.
He will predict with uncanny
accuracy your actions before
you make them.

He sees with your eyes!
He hears with your ears!
He thinks with your mind!

Brent has performed his fast
paced show around the world,
from Miami to Madrid, and
one thing is certain…..
his show is one your guests
will remember forever!

Webb involves the ENTIRE
audience, making each and every
one of them part of the show.
The beauty of Brent’s program
is it’s ability to play to
any size group, from twenty
to two thousand, the impossible
and unexplainable happens
in front of your very eyes,
in fact…. seeing

Don’t miss your chance to
see the show that is unlike
anything you have experienced
before. In a world full
of entertainment options,
it is rare to find something
that is truly original, it
is even rarer to find
something that will involve
and engage the entire
audience. You don’t just
sit back and watch, you
become part of the experience.
Show business icons Johnny
Carson and Don Rickles have
raved about Brent and his
program, and if you are
responsible for arranging
entertainment for an upcoming
function, whether it’s a
corporate event, college show,
or convention, why not put
things in the hands of a
seasoned pro? Your guests
will have the time of their
lives, and you will look
like the star! Audiences
around the world can’t be
wrong…. Brent Webb is the
man who delivers the show
that has everyone talking!

Brent Webb’s “MASTERMIND”
show is the perfect entertainment
ensemble for:

* corporate functions

* colleges

* theaters and performing arts centers

* hotels and casinos

* banquets and conventions

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Anthony the Magic

Anthony the MAGIC is a magic and illusion team based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a “Top Five Best Performer” with IAAPA, the 2012 Press Enterprise “Reader’s Choice” for “Best Entertainer”, Hot List 2014/2015 Best Theatre Show, and we were the promotional magicians for the movie, “Oz the Great and Powerful.”

We are bilingual in English and Spanish…and we know enough Mandarin Chinese to get through a show.

We can perform strolling magic, parlour shows, big illusion shows, and escapes almost anywhere!!.

We have performed our own 2 hour big illusions show at the Welk Resort Theatre in Escondido every Wednesday night for the past 10 years.

We haved enjoyed performing for the Marriott Corporation for the past four years, with weekly shows at Shadow Ridge, Desert Springs and Newport Coast Villas.

We are the best selling entertainer at the Pearson Park Ampitheatre in Anaheim, CA every year bringing in 900 – 1600 people each show.

We are licensed and insured, including our workman’s comp.


You want to energize your special event.  You want a refreshing change of pace to add a spark that people will remember for a long time.  You want your audience to feel involved and you want your entertainment to be in totally good taste.

Please click each link below to learn more about each of our shows.

Big Illusion Show:  Corporate Shows, Casinos, and Theatres.

Medium Illusion Show:  20 – 60 Minutes in duration.

Amusement Parks, Festivals, and Fairs:

The 55-Gallon Drum Water Escape Show!!

School Shows and PTA Family Fun Nights!!

Adult Parlour Show:  Comedy & Magic!!

Strolling Magic and Sleight of Hand Performances

Anthony the MAGIC’s Current List of Big Illusions 

Big Illusion Show:

Corporate Shows, Casinos, and Theatres.

This show is guaranteed to please the most discriminating audience.  Our clean comedy and amazing magic will solidify your rock-star reputation with the boss.  Anthony has perfected this show for thousands of guests all over the world by performing each week at the Lawrence Welk Resort Theatre, where he has been the on-staff magician for the past 10 seasons!!

Anthony’s reputation and reliability, along with his easy-going personality make him a favorite with agents and talent bookers alike.

Anthony has performed this show for audiences from 100 – 3000.  Some of his clients include:  American Airlines, Toys R Us, Soboba Casino, San Manuel Casino, Pearson Park Ampitheatre, the State Theatre of Modesto, Disney Cruise Lines, and the Marriott Corporation.


Medium Illusion Show:  20 – 60 Minutes in duration.

The medium-sized illusion shows vary based on your needs including time, space, and budget.  The medium sized shows are our most popular choices as they all include:  the dove act, audience participation, amazing close up magic, at least one large illusion (big box with lovely assistant), and the snowing tribute.

We bring everything we need to be successful including our own sound system and microphones.  This is an amazing show that we can perform in your living room, at your community center, in a theatre, or on the back patio!

Cost for this show depends on how many illusions (big boxes) you select  which illusions are chosen as some require more assistants to perform than others.


Anthony, the MAGIC’s 55-Gallon Drum Water Escape Show!!

This impressive escape can be added to almost any show.  Anthony the MAGIC is one of the only escape artists in the world currently performing the 55-Gallon Drum live.  The audience will be on the edge of their seat as one of the audience members comes on-stage to personally inspect the drum.  This audience member will stay on stage and help to secure Anthony into the Drum where he will attempt to free himself from hand-cuffs and padlocks before their very eyes.  This is not for the faint of heart.


Adult Parlour Show:  Comedy & Magic!!

This show is perfect for intimate settings when there may not be enough room for the big illusion show.  The Parlour Show can be performed anywhere from your living room to the big stage.

The Adult Parlour Show includes: the dove act, sleight of hand, audience participation, big laughs, and the snowing tribute.  Anthony will include your guests by using items from their own purses and pockets, and he will leave them scratching their heads and saying, “How did he do that?”

Strolling Magic and Sleight of Hand Performances

The perfect icebreaker during your reception hour to get the crowd mingling.  Anthony the Magic will walk around performing close-up magic and slight of hand using just a bit of stand-up comedy to entertain your guests while they are checking in.  Perfect for restaurants when they are “backed up” a bit!
(2 hour window)

**Restaurant/corporate shows receive a discounted rate for those who hire on a weekly basis.

**Strolling Magic may be added to any show package.


Current List of Big Illusions:

Sword Basket – 1 assistant

Sub Trunk (Metamorphosis) – 1 assistant

Small Levitation – 1 assistant

Cube Zag – 1 assistant

Bo Staff – 1 or 2 assistants, can be performed either way.

Stack of Legos – 2 assistants

Crystal Casket – 2 assistants

Sawing in Half – 2 assitants

Flying Box – 2 assistants

Shadow Origami – 2 assistants

Blammo Box – 2 assistants

Shanked (our original sawing in half) – 3 assistants

Vanishing Paso Doble – 3 assistants

Flash Appearance – 3 assistants

Electric Chair – 4 assistants

Aerial Exchange – 4 assistants

Shadowship – 4 assistants

Quick Change – 4 assistants

Vanish and Reappearance in Audience – 4 assistants

55 Gallon Drum Water Escape – 3 to 4 assistants

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