Nik Sin 666

Nik Sin stands at 3’6” making him one of the world’s smallest and most versatile
little person performers.

For nearly a decade Nik has been a staple on the stages of well-known venues around the country such as The Box, The Slipper Room and Coney Island USA in New York City, and Dante’s and the Star Theater in Portland, Oregon.

Nik performs a wide variety of acts from emceeing to sideshow acts to costumed characters. Some of his best-known acts are Mini Marilyn Manson, and his Inverted Straightjacket Escape which makes him the World’s Smallest Escape Artist.

Nik has also been featured on many national television shows including Celebrity Apprentice, Headbanger’s Ball, The Maury Show, The Jerry Springer Show, Oddities, Portlandia, etc.

Height:3′ 6″
Weight:80 lbs
Skin Color:Olive
Eye Color:Green
Hair Length:Long
Hair Color:Black
Performance Artist
Promotional Modeling

PHOTOGRAPHY- (listed by location)

-Adrian Buckmaster
-Marisha Camp
-Halston Bruce
-Gothic Hangman
-Bob Coulter
-Burke Heffner
-Chris Zedano
-Aliya Naumoff
-Tony Notarberardino
-Yvette Marie
-Jeffery Clark Grossman
-Tim Sutton

Portland OR-
-Amber Red
-Foto door
-Carey Haider
-Happy Robot
-Tom Good
-Luke Olsen
-Jeff Mawer
-Mercy Mcnab
-Gino Martino
-Kirk Crippens
-Beth Olsen

-Jeremy Schaffer
-Clara McGuire
-Solecest Cole

-Rebecca Peloquin

-Ransom and Mitchell

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Checkered Man

– 200+ magazines.
– 200+ newspapers.

– Ripley′s Believe it or Not! 1998

– Ripley′s Believe it or Not! Myrtle Beach 2012.

– Rikki Lake Show 2002
– Medical Incredible 2006
– CNN 2010
– Southern Comfort advertising 1995-2001 worldwide.


Every local media everywhere I visit. RTL television German twice. 25 years promoting rare birth defects in the media. Cheech & Chong,and Gabriel Iglesias joke about me in their acts. More projects happening weekly. And more….

THIS IS HOW HE LOOKS! HE IS %99 TATTOOED WITH A CHECKERBOARD PATTERN. HE IS CHECKERED. HIS EYEBALLS AND TONGUE ARE TATTOOED! HE HOLDS THE RECORD FOR MOST INTERNAL TATTOOS ON EARTH. HE IS THE MOST SHOCKING TATTOOED MAN IN HISTORY! He is the most tattooed person on this entire planet who will work nude in the media and has the tattoos to back up the claim of %99 tattooed.

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Kazum is a troupe that uses influences such as acrobalance, gymnastics, stunt, human pyramids and dancing to entertain, scare, awe and hopefully, inspire people. They love to see the audience smile, wince, laugh, and react in unexpected ways. Kazum’s mission is to push the boundaries of perceived limitations, to inspire ourselves and others to actualize dreams and to bring more beauty. Kazüm’s mission is to push the boundaries of perceived limitations, inspire ourselves and others to actualize dreams and to create more joy and beauty in the world through the medium of acrobalance, adagio, stunts and imagination.

Kazüm has been Portland’s premiere acrobalance dance troupe since 2005. Since their inception they have collaborated with many of the most loved and creative groups in Portland’s eclectic and dynamic avant-garde music and performing arts scene. Kazüm has frequently worked with the March 4th Marching Band ,The Oregon Country Fair and Wanderlust Circus. Kazüm has established themselves as an integral part of Portland’s art community, and continues define the role of local circus in Portland’s future.

Each of Kazüm’s members brings a different aspect of physical theatre to create this unique troupe.

Kazüm will also put on full circus shows with its large extended family of jugglers, contortionists, singers, dancers, etc. Please contact us to find out when we are performing next, to get on our mailing list or to see how we could make your next event spectacular.

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