Lily MonsterMeat

A Few Testimonials;

Michael Harmon MM#38190
+ 01/28/06 I really enjoyed our shoot. It was a pleasure working with you!

Beautiful People MM#791387
+ 09/22/08 It was my pleasure shooting pictures of you today. You are very creative in your approach.

Michael J Huxley Photo MM#1238724
+ 01/19/10 Had an absolute blast at our shoot today, looking forward to our next shoot! Thanks again, you’re a fun, down-to-earth model. Looking forward to making some art next time.
+ “…the model I was shooting had a personality that made it impossible to sulk…” “…She kept me laughing, she kept the shoot fun…” … dventures/

ChawnC MM#904742
+ I just worked with Lily! I can tell you that she is ultra-patient, highly photogenic, and very sincere! The kind of person easily worth the hundred-mile trip I took to work with her! Photographers are blessed if they work with her, but don’t BS her; she’s nobody’s fool, either.

AshliMishel Photography MM#1447491
+ I just worked with Lily today and she is one of the greatest people I’ve met to work with. She’s open to new ideas, and is simply a creative and unique honesty person. Rare to find in someone and makes it that much easier to work with people who are real and are just about fun! + Thank You Lily! Just like the last time we shot, it was great to work with you again. You are such a fun, creative person and you make it great for me as the photographer. You have such a positive attitude and are open to new ideas, (and spontaneous ones for that matter) People like you are the reason I love being a photographer. I just wish there was more people like you!

Brandy Arson MM#1602994
+ 05/22/10 I loved working with you as well. I had a blast. Thanks for the help…

Ugly Shyla MM#2442
+ 08/09/10 Lily Monster is a wonderful model to work with.She works amazingly well with other models.And it was a pleasure to work with her as a fellow model and also as a model for her chainmail work.

Kendall Kelsoe
+ 8/19/11 Lily takes such good direction as an actress.

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