Five years as a professional model. Heavily tattooed with a full chest and two complete sleeves. Prefers non nude work, gothic and artist are forte.

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Runway experience includes 2002 and 2003 Dallas Fetish Balls and for BodySushi

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Rachel Chapel

  • 1 year
  • worked with Bettie Noir Studios
  • worked with Alexis Nicole

Body: Modeled for:

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Red Vamp


  • Rockin’ Bones Videozine Volume 2 DVD – Cover Model & DVD Menu Screen Model

  • Blast! Magazine, Dec. 2003 – Cover Model & Featured Interview & Photos
  • The Chronicles, UK, Issue 24 –
    Cover Model
  • Retail Focus Magazine, Oct. 2003- Cover Model & 3 Page Fashion Feature – Pages 1~3
  • Bite Me Magazine , Issue 12 – Cover Model & Full Page Feature

  • MK Ultra Magazine, Fall 2002 – Centerfold and Feature
  • CinéFan Magazine, July 2004 – Photo – Marvel Comics Movie article
  • Bite Me Magazine, Issue 14 –
    Feature & Interview
  • Dark Realms Magazine, Issue 8 – One Page Feature
  • Gothic Beauty Magazine, Issue 9 – Fashion Feature – Spooky Girls
  • Gothic Beauty Magazine, Feb. 2004
    WT Feature
  • Amp Magazine – PunkassGear Ad
  • PunkassGear Ad, OzzFest 2003 – Circular


  • Gothica by Amira
    – fashion feature model

  • Devil Bunnies Clothing Store
    – feature model

  • Gothic Love Online
    – official model

  • Shelter Against Darkness Anti-drug abuse spokesmodel

  • Crimson Empress Clothing
    – fashion feature model

  • Vlad Quigley – feature art model

  • MK Ultra Magazine
    – flash intro & feature

  • Rock Hard Place – (April 2003)

  • – feature model
    (Oct 2004), flyer model, DVD model

  • Bite Me Magazine – cover and feature

  • Gothic Society – feature model
    (April 2003)
  • – Feb. 2003 feature
  • Various web appearances and awards – too many to name
    (full list provided on request)


  • Feature model for numerous artists including comic book, painting, pencil & ink, and digital
    (full list of artists provided on request)


  • Red Vamp does not do nudity, porn, or slasher flicks. She is available for fashion, art, serious acting work, pin-up, and music videos.

  • University of North Texas
  • B.A. Psychology 2002 – Cum Laude
  • R.E.A.C.T. Studios – Michele Condrey
  • Margo Manning Acting Studio
  • Film Acting Workshop
    – Paul Weber C.S.A.
  • Film Acting Workshop
    – Cathy Henderson C.S.A.
  • Scene Study
    – Ed Johnston, Laurel Smith
  • TV Acting Workshop
    – Robin Nassif, C.S.A.
  • University of North Texas Performance
  • Baytown Little Theater
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Roxanne Dale

Penthouse magazine-August 1992

Girls of Penthouse magazine-December 1994

Penthouse Letters magazine-September 1997

Lingerie A Modern Guide-the book (page 164) by Lesley Scott 6-13

Art Love Latex/ fashion show with Dollskin latex (the Kurt Molhusen benefit show) at the Church ( 9-12

Radiant Inc magazine-Latex Issue #3 ( 7-12

Gothic Beauty magazine-Issue #19

Glitter Paradise necklace model ( 1-12

Bella Morte magazine (Burlesque edition) for Blu Zombie Designs 7-11

fIXE magazine interview (#2)-( 4-11

Dark Beauty Magazine ( for Underhill photography ( 2-11

Dallas Fetish Ball latex fashion show for Baby Loves-(  (MM #1206343) 11-10

fIXE Magazine interview (#1)-( 8-10

Japanese Street Wear/Harajuku/Cosplay fashion show at the Crow Collection of Asian Art (2010 Flora St. Dallas, Tx.) 7-10

Advanced Photoshop magazine for Bryan Crump photography-Spring 2010 hat model 2010

Alt Noir e-zine photo for Blu Zombie Designs ( #5

The Dallas Fetish Ball for the Torture Garden latex fashion show at The Church ( 11-09 Xmas party flyer ( 11-09

The Brass Ball for the Lip Service ‘Steampunk’ fashion show at The Church ( 03-2009 for Morgana Femme Couture lingerie & corsets 08-2008 (Doghead & Flintlock custom hats & accessories) gallery model 08-2008 corset model 08-2008

Envy Magazine for Gothica by Amira/Leiter Photography calendar release fashion show at Ivy Lounge-Feb. 2008 issue

All-con ( for Escape Reality latex clothing ( March 8-2008

Texas Frightmare Weekend ( Feb. 22-24-2008 for

Gothica by Amira ( fashion show at the Leiter Photography ( calendar release party at The Ivy Lounge-proceeds benefitted a local Dallas AIDS charity 01-2008 hat model 01-2008 corset model 01-2008 interview-Issue #18 model 10-2007 necklace model 05-06 & 06-2007 ( archived ( now unactive

Dallas Fetish Ball 2007 Madame S latex fashion show model( ( 11-2007

Texas Frightmare Weekend ( for 06/22-24/2007

Dine by Design fashion show (inside the Dallas World Trade Center) benefiting DIFFA ( & The John Philp Thompson Foundation For Non-Chemo/Radiation Brain Cancer Research for Jan Strimple Productions-I wore a gown made by designer Dana Duval ( designed by Tony Fielding-makeup by Kelly Whaley (06-21-2007)

Torture Garden latex (Black & Blue Ball at the cHurcH-4/21/2007)

the cHurcH calendar 2006 (Miss September)-(

Wizard World for 2006

Just 4 Play/Dallas (Pink Pussycat Cabaret fashion show at the cHurcH-3/14/2004) (the Carnal Carnival fashion show at The cHurcH-7/25/2004) (modeling a necklace in the Dallas Fetish Ball at the cHurcH-11/14/2004) at the Dallas Fetish Ball 2004 (

Tattoo Savage magazine-November 2003-#55

Marquis magazine-#30 (Dallas Fetish Ball 2003 photo)

Demask Latex/Amsterdam (Dallas Fetish Ball fashion show at the cHurcH-11/16/2003)

Shades of Grey/Dallas (Dallas Fetish Ball at the cHurcH-11/16/2003) cover model for the tribute albumn by photographer/artist/costume designer jennifer ayers (

Passion International Hair Magazine  (Volume 60) w/Reuben Njaa photography & Makeup/Styling Brenda Carbajal for K.Charles & Co. (San Antonio)-1995

**I’ve danced as a Go-Go dancer for 2 bands in the early 1990s (Skrew and Evol-both were from Austin),  Go-Go dancer at Sanitarium 2007 at The Church,  & Go-Go dancer for Med-i-sin 2006 at Club One.  I’ve appeared in several calendars, advertisements, and billboards for the Yellow Rose (Austin), and in several different trading card sets (Image 2000, Mermaids of the Coast, Girls on Cards all by Mark Daughn), as well as a few Texas magazines (the Sundowner for the Clubhouse/Dallas 2003, the Austin Chronicle for Josephines Boutique/Austin 1997, and Texas Iron in 1993…more listed soon!)**


Photographers I’ve worked with:
Dr. W.E. Barnes (ret.)-Penthouse Magazine 1991-92

Max Crace ( 1992

Michael Giordano (M.M. #469) 1993

Reuben Njaa ( 1993

Todd V. Wolfson (M.M. #10772)

Dan McCollum (Austin)

Mark Guerra (M.M. #79702)

Mark Daughn (Austin) (

Jennifer Ayers (

Brandon & Kelly Brown (Dallas) (

Bete Noire Studios (Denver)

Lithium Picnic (M.M. #581)

Gean of Minimalistica (M.M. #22432)

Greg Daniels (M.M.#12026) with rubyredlocks (M.M.#2611) for the cHurcH calendar (

Allen Falkner (M.M. #5312) ( for

Don Jones photography-Grey Wolf photography (M.M.#12060)

Renato Rimach photography (M.M. #280648) with Amy Martinez hairstylist (M.M. #306450) & wardrobe stylist Denise Workman (M.M. #323539)

Shanda Kerr photography (M.M. #248873) for PinUp Soda Pop Jewelry (

Stewart Cohen ( for Dana Duval wardrobe stylist/fashion designer 06-2007

Jill Rasco ( for Morgana Femme Couture ( 08-2007

Greg Daniels (M.M.# 12026) for Morgana Femme Couture
( 08-2007

Stewart Cohen ( for Torture Garden ( 09-2007

Leiter Photography ( for Gothica by Amira ( & 12-2007

Max V (M.M.#14176) and makeup artist Vi-Ve (M.M. #310633) for ceramic corsets 12-2007

Underhill photography (M.M.#394988) ( with makeup artist/hairstylist Jacknife Ruby (M.M.#559733) 05-2008

Stewart Cohen photography ( with Vintage Flair hairstylist (M.M.#500360) for www.minitophat.comtop hats, custom latex necklaces, custom jewelry, and last but not least for mineral eyeshadows 06-2008

Greg Daniels photography (M.M. #12026) for Lisa Lorenz custom corset/clothing designs (M.M. #149632) and Doghead & Flintlock custom hats & accessories ( & Valfreya custom chainmaille jewelry ( 08-2008

Underhill photography (M.M. #394988) 11-2008

Greg Daniels photography (M.M.#12026) for (M.M. #149632) & (M.M. #705636) with RubyRedLocks hairstylist (M.M.#2611)-I did my own makeup & wardrobe 03-2009

Bryan Crump photography (M.M.#413) for ceramic corset creations (M.M.#764882) with lighting and set help from Allen Falkner (M.M.#5312)-I did my own hair, makeup, wardrobe completion, & set design 3-2009

Greg Daniels photography (M.M.#12026) for Rene Geneva design (, hairstylist Liz Fish & Myka Makeup ( 8-09

DV8 photography (M.M. #11397) for latex jewelry ( 9-09

Shutterview photography (M.M. #1113699) & Anderson Studio photography ( for Blu Zombie hats (M.M. #1372363) 2-10

Leigh Latshaw photography with models Melissa Meaow (M.M.#25152), Angi Baker, LaDonna Hearne (M.M.#1133806), & Michele Roth 5-10

Greg Daniels photography for Shhh Couture latex (, Dollskin latex (M.M. #1464591), & Blu Zombie hats (M.M. #1372363) 12-10

Tim Bennett photography (M.M. #610715) & Ladonna Stein makeup for Electra Designs Corsets (M.M. #20062) and Cara Crass wardrobe stylist (M.M. #1265588), & Lickorish Latex ( 3-11

Greg Daniels photography (M.M. #12026) for Jupiter Moon 3 corsets, Ragdollies Madhouse tophats, Glitter Paradise necklaces, & Dana Duval wardrobe stylist/fashion designer ( 12-11

Halo Image Engine photography for latex jewerly & Dollskin Design latex gloves (M.M. #1464591), bodypaint by Karen Weiss.  2-12

Gerard Goh (M.M. #896382) for Collective Chaos latex designs (M.M. #827624), Death Glam couture hats/Cara Crass wardrobe design (M.M. #1265588), Dollskin Designs latex (M.M. #1464591), Glitter Paradise jewerly, & Dana Duval wardrobe extraordinaire.  4-12

Pheonix Taylor photography (M.M. #1908519) with Venus Prototype custom latex ( that is based on my drawings, with Caley Johnson of Miss G’s (M.M. #2527172) incredible feathered headdress.  Wardrobe assistance by Zamra Dollskin (M.M. #1464591).  12-12

1st Fetish Workshop Group Photoshoot with Greg Daniels Studios featuring custom latex by Kaori’s Latex Dream, Dollskin Designs latex, DaNeena headdress and necklace, and Pleaser platforms.  Airbrush makeup by LaDonna Stein.  I did my own hair and complete stylist work.  7-13

2nd Fetish Workshop Group Photoshoot with Greg Daniels Studios and Mark Britt Champion Hotrods.  Featuring Atsuko Kudo custom latex, Miss G Designs headdress, Pleaser platforms, and Dana Duval leather accessories.  Makeup by Kaia Bellanca Beggs.  I did my own hair and complete stylist work.  7-14


Models I’ve done stylist work for:
Jayme Foxx (M.M.# 22335) ( with wardrobe stylist Dana Duval ( shot by Jeremy Shelby photography (M.M.# 84386) (

Madalina (M.M.#54172) with Greg Daniels photography (M.M.#12026)

Y.L. (M.M.#256501) with Scott Watters photography (M.M. #8148)

Heather Elizabeth (M.M. #82205) with Sivad (M.M. #14436)

Melissa Meaow (M.M. #25152) with Michael Matthews photography (M.M. #9057)

Carlotta Champagne (M.M.#3155) with Greg Daniels photography (  M.M.#12026)

Ruby Red Locks (M.M. #172957) with Greg Daniels photography (M.M. #12026)

Carlotta Champagne (M.M. #3155) with Kevin Dirks photography (M.M. #372051) 6-2008

LaurenAlyson (M.M.#633568) with Don Jones photography (M.M. #12060) 8-2008

Zamra (M.M. #532902) with Slice of Oblivion photography (M.M. #357451) 8-2008

Vanitie (M.M. #618380) with Megasoid Studios (M.M. #284546) for Valfreya custom chainmaille jewelry ( 8-2008

Kali Ann (M.M. #754925) with Marcus Lopez photography (M.M. #101240) for Sugar Mafia jewelry (M.M. #536090)

check my stylist port for images of my stylist work!



Postponed with Obscuri photography (M.M. #770750) with Zamra Dollskin latex (M.M. #1464591), DaNeena headdresses & jewelry, Montabahn pasties, & Kaori’s Latex Dreams.  I’ll be doing my own hair, makeup, & wardrobe.


Finally, I AM SO PROUD TO BE HIS MUSE…my mega talented artist friend Antonio Roybal.  GO BUY HIS PAINTINGS!


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– SiVaD
– H. James Hoff
– Miss Miss Photography
– Thatcher Photography
– Scott Watters
– GrainPusher
– Joe Haubert
– Billy Jarrell
– John Milton
– by Tuan
– Chad Windham
– Carlton Primm
– Seane Warzusan
– High Art Studio
– Leroy Roper
– Billy Tinney
– April 2008 Tattoo magazine w/article
– November 2008 Savage magazine
– April 2008 Pain magazine
– September 2009 Tattoo #241
– October 2009 Urban Ink magazine
– Dodge Ram Truck Commercial- “Tattooed Lady”-2010
– Featured in ‘Tattoo Vixens’ book
Is about 65 % covered, working on a full body suit. Hair changes colors frequently but is normally red.
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Sin Cera

– CG Magazine, Dallas, TX; November, 2007
– ; 2007
– featured model Febuary 2008
– Mark Lively photography fine art publication “Today Was a Good Day” May ’08
– Carlos Mencia Tour, Screen Dancer (County Colloseum, El Paso TX) June 2006
– Featured extra/modeling stills in film “The Legend of Big Red” 2008
– Lick or Beat Ball, Fashion Show with Gothica by Amira (Club One, Dallas, TX) October 2007
– Fit to be Tied, Corset runway with Nicole Moan (Lizard Lounge, Dallas TX) February 2007
– Corset Show, Lizard Lounge Dallas – 2003
– Fetish Ball, Lizard Lounge Dallas -2003

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