American Acrobats

The American Acrobats has been in business for 29 years. Our success has always been attributed to our standard
of professionalism, our high level of integrity and our our ability to create long term relationships. We have a long list of
Fortune 500 companies that we have performed for. While the corporate and special event industry is where we have
perform most we also have worked for every major movie studio, theme park,  professional sports including 2 Super Bowls,
Major League Soccer All Star Game, NHL playoffs etc. We do everything from provide a single performer for small private
events up to a whole production shows for corporate conferences.

We also specialize in creating huge promotional stunts. Here’s a few of our major credits  –  The only sky diving team to
land inside Disneyland, rappelled (descended with ropes and harnesses) out of a helicopter over center field opening day of the
Angles Baseball season, rappelled down from the top of the Hilton Bayfront San Diego 385 ft. high, performed aerial routines
under helium balloons over the closed Las Vegas Blvd. for their annual marathon, Performed zip line stunts in many different
Sports arenas around the country, performed 80 ft. High diving act for years into an airbag, performed a 110 ft high fall of the
Horton Plaza, San Diego.


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Bazoo the Kloun

Sideshow stunts, pierced septum weight lift, non-pierced scrotum weight lift, barehanded frying pan roll, geek (live bug eating), barbed wire ring contortion, barehanded barbed wire ball juggling, human blockhead, human pincushion, human pull toy, body flossing, body stapling (current world record holder for “most non-surgical staples stapled to ones body” – submitted, awaiting confirmation), animal traps, “pain-free”, crossbow pistol sharpshooting, ball juggling, close-up/cabaret magic

Group Bio/Credits:
Worked as a member of the ‘Dangerous D Shock Show” at:
– Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, 2016
– Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, 2017
– Blackest of the Black Fest, 2017ScareLA convention, 2016

Numerous bar/nightclub events, including, but not limited to:
– California Imstitute of Abnormal Arts, Hollywood, CA
– Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, CA
– Yost Theater, Santa Ana, CA
– Morgan’s Tavern, Riverside, CA
– Mad House Comedy Club, San Diego CA

Super Deluxe Live, internet streams, based in Los Angeles, CA

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Cydeshow Cy

Dangerous D Shockshow
Ozzfest Meets Knotfest 2016 and 2017
Blackest of the Black Fest
Buzzfeed Holiday Party
Freakshow LA
Dollface Dames Burlesque
Pretty Things Peepshow

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Ophelia Vanity

Model Bio:
TV Shows/Productions I’ve Filmed With:
1) “Botched” on E! (Los Angeles)
2) Barcroft Media (London, NYC, New Delhi)
3) RTL TV (Germany, Austria, Belgium)
4) ProSieben (Germany, Austria, Belgium)
5) Promiflash (Germany)

Photographers I’ve Worked With:
(not a complete list by far, as I don’t remember most of their names unfortunately)
1) Stephen Gill
2) Per Lind
3) Raphael Guiulfo
4) George Hobbs
5) Cherry Li
6) James Tracey
7) Jen Starr
8) Jeff Smith
9) Justin Sterling
10) Steve Scalone (in Australia)
11) Elliott Pierce
12) Charly Bronson
13) DW Kim
14) Joe Francis

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Athena Fatale

Nylon Girls by Christine Kessler
Viva’s Pinups – Bullet Bras & Backseat Betties by Viva Van Story
On Location: Photos By Vance
Tattoo Collection magazine – cover
Von Gutenberg magazine Vol 1 – 6 page spread with interview
Femme Fatales magazine
Skin Two
Secret Magazine
Car Kulture Deluxe
Ol’ Skool Rodz
The Horse
Iron Horse
Tattoo International
Savage Tattoo
Skin & Ink

Lithium Picnic
Stewart Cohen
Ellen Stagg
Perry Gallagher
Michael Helms
Aaron Hawkes
David Lockard
Photos By Vance
Maxine Avet
Steve Prue
Roy Varga
Jody Cortes
Barry Underhill
Holly West
Viva Van Story
Alejandra Guerrera
Renard Garr
Jill Rasco
Christine Kessler
Mug Shot Photography
Amy Rivera
Steven Andres
Stephen McClure
Timthy Dolph
Gwen Media
Sean McCall
Bill Reichardt
J. Frede
Josh Rueben
Brandon Showers
Greg Daniels
Thomas Landon
Russell Turns
Shanda Kerr

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Bianca Allaine

Steven Abel (January 1999-Present)
Jt Kays (October 2003)
Joshua Collinsworth (November 2003)
Ben Britt (September 2003)
Jake Davis (July 2002-November 2003)
Jared Millar (August 2002)
Katherine Turner (April 1998-April 2003)
Randall Chambers (April 2002)
Gabriel Marquez (February 1997-1998)
Ashley Fontenot (January-February 2002)
Tom Etnier (November 2001)
Mark Owens (June 1999-November 2001)
“The Sergeant” (May 2001)
Natasha Epperson (Nov. 2000-Jan.2001)
Israel Freeland (1999-2000)
Courtney Evans (July 1999)
“Montana USA” (December 1998)
Jill Rasco (1997-2002)
Jason Perkins (1998)
Charles Freter (1998)
Connie Ngo (1988-1996)
B. C. Helm (September 2002)
Jennifer Broussard (September 2002)
Heidi Calvert (March 2003)
Silent Film:

“The Toothache”……….Absinthe Fairy
“The Broken Doll Meets
Sad Sue”……….Sad Sue
“The Devil’s Always Good For a Drink”……….Sad Sue
Books, Magazines & E-zines:

Superbitch Magazine #2
Jade: The Special Reserve Collection
Lipstick n’ Leather
Rock n’ Roll Purgatory (Cover),
Issue #6
Too Square, August 2001

Clothing/ Cosmetics/ Hair Companies:

Morgana Femme Couture
(corset 1, corset 2)
Superbitch Clothing
Lip Service Clothing
Wicked Boots
SourPuss Clothing
Toni n’ Guy


-Lenora Claire’s
“The Cutting Edge Show”, 2002.
Jenny Jones (“Call Me Unique, but I Want to Date a Freak”), 1998

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Brandyy Skye

1. Has LOTS of cyber/unique clothing.. New Items added
weekly.. not even joking!
2. Work with Latex Designers and have many latex outfits
3. TONS of UV clothing, accessories, makeup, etc

4. Always getting new funky/weird stockings, knee highs, tights.. hint to the leg photogs 😉
5. Over 50 pairs of the coolest looking shoes/boots..
hint to the feet photogs 😛
6. Many PVC/Vinyl/Leather pieces.

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Cali Miles

Swimwear Fitness Model 2018 Harley Davidson Dreamgirls Calendar
Festival Fashion Lifestyle Model
Lingerie Lifestyle Model
Lingerie Fitness Model

Awkward Moments in Your 20’s Featured Buzzfeed

The Leo King App Supporting
Raw Focus Principal Bobby Jones Productions
Super Pimp Principal Jon Jovan, Dustin Lee*
To Kill Ya Supporting Lakeside Studios**

Bye Bye Birdie Kim MacAfee Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresch
The Sound of Music Liesl Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresh
The True Story of Cinderella Cinderella Mogadore Theater/Matt Beresh

The Blue Vegan Principal Cali Miles Inc.

Sleep to Dream Dancer/Friend Krysdayanti
Picky Remix Ft. Akon Featured Model Joey Montana
Bala Hob Bala Bateekh’ Dancer Fares Karam
All The Way Friend Justina Valentine

‘Miss Ink’d 216’ 2013-14 Co-Host w/ Bernadette Macias Liquid Cleveland/Cali Miles Inc
Ladies Night Promoter/Host Zar Nightclub/Cali Miles Inc
Voice It Radio Host Bomb Squad

Vocalist, Musical Theater, Soprano, Pop, Rapper, Makeup Artist, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Softball, Yoga, Running, Go-go Dancing, Great with Animals

PROMOTIONS (Most Recent)
Slingshot L.A. Auto Show Brand Ambassador Nov 2016
Progressive IMS Brand Ambassador Nov 2016
Gran Centenario Kaaboo Festival Brand Ambassador Sep 2016
US Outlets Sands Expo Spokes Model August 2016
Black Leaf Chalice Festival Spokes Model July 2016
Romantix Long Beach PRIDE Brand Ambassador May 2016
Heineken Coachella Brand Ambassador May 2016
Tecate Long Beach Grand Prix Brand Ambassador April 2016
Lipton Grammy Beauty Bar Brand Ambassador Feb 2016
TTS Grand Ntl. Roadster Show Brand Ambassador Jan 2016
RME Audio NAMM Convention Brand Ambassador Jan 2016
Toyota NHRA Brand Ambassador July 2015
Ladies Night Zar Nightclub Host/Emcee/Promoter Jan 2014-May 2015
Miss Ink’d 216 Liquid Cleveland Host/Emcee/Promoter Oct 2013 Oct 2014

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Cece Larue

Modeling since 1999
Fetish Kitty
Saryn Angel
Gothic Films
John Dongara
Groves Photography
John Fuentes
Groves Photography
John Fuentes
Gene Stardust
D Winge Photography
Don Sir
Surgeon Studios
JMV Foto
Ama Lee
Optical Wasteland
Jack Blake
Optical Wasteland
Rotten Candy
Kevin Break
Kat Attack Photography
Giepers Photography Studios
the list goes on and on
Companies Ive Had The Pleasure Of Working With
ALL IN magazine
Coffin Case
Steady clothing
Tres Noir
Syren Latex
Betty B. Dangerous Swimwear
PosionCandy clothing
The Atomic Boutique
Lovely Creature Corsets
PoisonCandy Clothing
Wild West Kustoms
Torture Couture
chopped up cherries
Dismantled Fashions
What Photographers
Have To Say About her
“I have had the pleasure of working with CeCe on several occasions. She is always on time and prepared. Each time I have worked with her, she has put forth 110%. She always makes it easy to achieve the look and feel for any style or theme that I have set through her ability to do her own make up and work under direction or lack of direction. I always look forward to working with her. I highly recommend her.” -Saryn Saryn Angel Photography “CeCe is as professional as you are going to get. She knows what she has to put into her shoots and you can see the effort in the final product. She is hard working and always on top of her game. She is very organized and follows directions well. We have worked together in various projects and I hope to continue with our partnership in future endeavors.” Jorge Vargas JMVfoto

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Fiona Murphy

Has been modeling for over 5 years. Fetish modeling for over 2 years and is looking to expand her career and really make a fetish name for herself.

Has worked with:
JW Ties tickle fetish
ATK Foot fetish
Twistys solo work
APL Video: female fighting/foot fetish/face sitting/fem dom/competition
Fem wrestling rooms
various clip stores
various photographers for fetish

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