Tom Gilmour (Visual Distress)
Insuh Yoon
Indie Erotica
Dawn Holoweinko
Debbi Rotzkowitz
Minyan Zhu
Anthony DiCarlo
Micheal Wood
Lindsay Suprenant
DJ Addam Bombb
David Archambault
David Mooreno
Mark Vetrini
Jaime Martin
Mike Chaiken
William Walsh

Skin Art- COVER
Swedish Tattoo Magazine
Tattoo Society
Full Throttle
Fast Lane Bikes

*Models, Worked with*
Mary Leigh
Pheonix Phatal
Spooky Digital Girl
Lancelot the Vampire
Marissa Fetish
Damian Plague
Jesse Lovett
Kris SMack
Amanda GiaQuinto
Sharon TK

– EXXotica 2008 Convention
– SMack 2008 Modeled for Libidex Clothing
– Black Sun Festival 2008 (Dementia Clothing)
– Spring Fling 2007 (Latex Body Painting with Art Chick)
– Fetish Flea Market 2008 (Dementia Clothing)
– Art Jam @Rain Ultra Lounge 2008 (Body Painting for Raven’s Nest Tattoos)
– Pin-Up Contest at Philly Convention 2008 (WINNER)
– Pin-Up Contest at Starlight Tattoo Festival (3rd Place)
– Modeling Contest at J&J Cycles Open House (2nd place)
– Vending Model at New Jersey Bike Show
– Vending Model at Expo Center Bike Show

– Miss Philly Tattoo Convention 2008 smile
– Lead Female Role in “Rusted” movie by Jaymin Bricker
– J&J Custom Cycles Model (I no longer work with them)
– Ring Girl in Icepick music video “Tomorrow is Not a Promise”

Pheonix Phatal
Lady J

Dementia Clothing

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Lily MonsterMeat

A Few Testimonials;

Michael Harmon MM#38190
+ 01/28/06 I really enjoyed our shoot. It was a pleasure working with you!

Beautiful People MM#791387
+ 09/22/08 It was my pleasure shooting pictures of you today. You are very creative in your approach.

Michael J Huxley Photo MM#1238724
+ 01/19/10 Had an absolute blast at our shoot today, looking forward to our next shoot! Thanks again, you’re a fun, down-to-earth model. Looking forward to making some art next time.
+ “…the model I was shooting had a personality that made it impossible to sulk…” “…She kept me laughing, she kept the shoot fun…” … dventures/

ChawnC MM#904742
+ I just worked with Lily! I can tell you that she is ultra-patient, highly photogenic, and very sincere! The kind of person easily worth the hundred-mile trip I took to work with her! Photographers are blessed if they work with her, but don’t BS her; she’s nobody’s fool, either.

AshliMishel Photography MM#1447491
+ I just worked with Lily today and she is one of the greatest people I’ve met to work with. She’s open to new ideas, and is simply a creative and unique honesty person. Rare to find in someone and makes it that much easier to work with people who are real and are just about fun! + Thank You Lily! Just like the last time we shot, it was great to work with you again. You are such a fun, creative person and you make it great for me as the photographer. You have such a positive attitude and are open to new ideas, (and spontaneous ones for that matter) People like you are the reason I love being a photographer. I just wish there was more people like you!

Brandy Arson MM#1602994
+ 05/22/10 I loved working with you as well. I had a blast. Thanks for the help…

Ugly Shyla MM#2442
+ 08/09/10 Lily Monster is a wonderful model to work with.She works amazingly well with other models.And it was a pleasure to work with her as a fellow model and also as a model for her chainmail work.

Kendall Kelsoe
+ 8/19/11 Lily takes such good direction as an actress.

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Melissa Drew

Delicious Dolls Magazine COVER August ’16
Auxiliary Magazine Winter ’15
Gothesque Magazine COVER April ’15
Kat Club No 9  ’15
Gothic Beauty – Issue #46 March ’15
Auxiliary – Oct/Nov ’14
Goomah – September ’14
Temptress Magazine Vol 4 – September ’13
Missy/Ink Special Edition Vol 2 – March ’13
BadSkin Magazine Issue #5 – December ’12
Retro Lovely No. 10 (ad for La Plume Noir) – November ’12
The Cat’s Meow Magazine – October ’12
Bella Morte Magazine – June ’12
Mutilador E-Zine //Spanish – ’12
Rabid Magazine’s Relaunch Issue – April ’12
VANITY Issue #11 – March 2012
Sinical Magazine’s 1 Year Anniversary Issue – March ’12
Bella Morte Magazine Issue #9 – January ’12
The Cat’s Meow Magazine – December ’11
Stereoscopy Issue #2 – ’11
Pinned Up Magazine Issue#1 – ’11
fIXE Magazine – ’11

Cosplay Deviants 2017 Calendar for the Month of April
Cosplay Deviants 2016 Calendar for the Month of January
Cosplay Deviants 2015 Calendar for the Month of March
The Cat’s Meow Magazine’s Featured Girl of the Day – September 6, 2012
Featured as a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt – July 8, 2012
Featured as a ‘Pre-Furred Model’ for The Cat’s Meow Magazine – ’12
Official Rabid Girl for Rabid Magazine – ’11
Featured in The Ladies of Mendocino Calendar for the Month of December – ’11

Cosplay Deviants: The Collection Vol. II (2016)
Cosplay Deviants: The Collection Vol. I (COVER 2015)
Lucha Diabolica: BOOBS, MASKS, MAYHEM (2013)
Skinned in Rubber “The New Flesh” (2012)

Artifice Clothing
Choking Edge (Hong Kong)
Concrete Minerals MakeUp
Corset Connection
Gothfox Designs
Gothic Lolita Wigs
Jupiter Moon 3 Corsets
La Plume Noir
Pleaser USA
Romantic Threads
Sin and Satin
Versatile Corsets
Virus Arms (Hong Kong)

And many, many more.

– Anime Expo w/Cosplay Deviants – Los Angeles, CA (July 2015)
– Crystal Tokyo Party w/Cosplay Deviants – Anime Expo (July 2015)
– Coordinated a Shootfest for SuicideGirls in Cabo, Mexico (April 2015)
– Anime Expo w/Cosplay Deviants – Los Angeles, CA (July 2014)
– Kuya Model Expo II w/742 Marketing – La Habra, CA (February 2014)
– Rabid Girl at Rabid Magazine’s booth – Bottlerock Napa (May 2013)
– STYLISH MADNESS –Fashion, Arts & Music Immersion
Unearthly Gold Jewelry -by Tensei Sugahara – San Francisco, CA (October 2011)

– Demo on tight lacing/corset training for Style Network (March 2013)
– Afternoon Delight shot by Chad Michael Ward (2015)

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Nadyia Marshall


michael gasteli
karin kaeppler
mouse ramone
janice frey
john king
a. kaye
charlie g.
apathy international
mister devious
jonathan palmer
jill rasco
robert hart
shanda kerr
tj photography
leah torres
heather alley
adam johnson
tim corey
casey martin
micheal matthews
darla teagarden
travis lawrence
barry underhill
lazerlove photography
D6 photography
chad windham
milton adams
marcus lopez
synthesis photos
museless mime
gerard goh
greg hawkins
scot king
dreadhead photo
c.p. photo

WEBSITES: (featured artistic nudes) (represented model) – featured model

d&r quarterly
church girls (club) calendar
several cadaver cabaret promos/flyers
“modern nude” gallery event flyer

art institute of dallas spring 2005 fashion show
gothica by amira
a mad tea party, austin tx
paul mitchell 2007 hair & fashion show
sickboys, august 2007
lick or beat & gothica by amira october 2007
leiter photography calender release fashion show january 2008
sinister lullaby fashion show 2010

“twin moon” (student film short)
cadaver cabaret (burlesque dancer & performance artist)
national lampoon productions
med-i-sin performer
houston fetish ball 2007 (performer)
sanitarium iv (burlesque performance)
tromapalooza 2007
red, white & blood (performer)
david de lara’s broken dolls – austin texas (burlesque dancer)

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Professional body piercer.
Adventurous in all art & fashion work.

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T Rex

Born Freak
Sideshow performer:
Precision whip work, Electricity, Inside Talker.

 drummer, recording engineer, composer/arranger.

Appeared in “Beer For My Horses” starring Toby Kieth
Fetish Performer

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Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion is a writer, director, performer known mostly for his contribution to the revival of modern freak show and sideshow arts. Known for his bizarre and surreal stage performances, multi-colored self-designed bandit mask and shoes, as well as his “trademark” claws, also called Ectrodactyly by some and lobster claw syndrome by others. His feet are like his hands, three toes to a foot.

Stage show
Black Scorpion performs as a freak working to change the word from a negative to a positive through educational humor. He has also worked for over fifteen years at the Austin, Texas television news station KEYE-TV. In 2006, after being discovered by Mr. Lifto, Black Scorpion burst onto the sideshow scene with one of the last traveling authentic vaudevillian Freak Show the 999 Eyes. He appeared for the first time onstage as National Geographic filmed the troupe for their show Taboo.

Black Scorpion invented Bill Murray-esque puppet as a beheaded P.T. Barnum.
In 2008 Black Scorpion joined the cast of Coney Island USA’s world-famous Sideshows by the Seashore.

On November 30, 2009 Black Scorpion and the Lil Black Scorpion puppet appeared with the cast of Sideshows by the Seashore on the TLC show the Cake Boss titled “Freaks, Fast Food & Frightened Frankie!”

Black Scorpion at Coney Island USA.
Black Scorpion is the inventor of the Hammer Hands illusion and also a co-founder of the Austin, Texas band Built by Snow.

On June 9, 2012, Black Scorpion was shown on the show Oddities. in their episode “Keeping Austin Odd”. Black Scorpion illustrated his Hammer Hand illusion.

In 2013 Black Scorpion introduced the world to his newest surreal creation, a Bill Murray-esque puppet as a beheaded P.T. Barnum.

Black Scorpion also plays musical instruments. Some of his original sounds can be heard at his #BUILDNEWLEGENDS page. He is also a director. His work can be seen on his BSTV page.

In 2014 Black Scorpion became the consultant for Evan Peters character Jimmy Darling for the fourth season of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

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The Great Gozleone

The Great Gozleone has entertained audiences all over the country with his death defying sword swallowing feats. A performer suitable for any occasion, he has performed in traditional circus sideshows on the Carnival and Fair circuit for years.

Sword Swallowing, Fire Eating, Walking on Broken Glass, and other sideshow stunts are just a few of The Great Gozleone’s specialties. A versatile performer, The Great Gozleone is a perfect emcee for your event, and is one

of the last true sideshow talkers (Barkers to the layperson) anywhere in the world.

Always dressed to-the-T in costumes ranging from sequined circus to wild west. The Great Gozleone has Shocked and Amazed audiences for the WWE, FOX Network, The Discovery Channel, Fairs and Carnivals, Weddings, Children’s birthdays, Rock and Roll clubs, Theaters, Ren fairs, College campuses, Mallory Square Key West, and soon, AT YOUR EVENT!

If you want something different, if you want the strange and unusual, if you want death defying feats and a professional circus/variety performer or an emcee, then you want only, The Great Gozleone.

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John Maverick

John Maverick is “Austin’s Second Best Magician” as named by the Society of American Magician’s Assembly 206,
Austin TX.

His totally twisted act includes everything from finding a selected card with a bullwhip to conjuring “the beast” with the three most evil books ever written: The Necronomicon, The Satanic Bible, and… Special Occasions by Martha Stewart.

A freaky and fun show that can play everywhere from nightclubs to churches, and yes he has played the latter.

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