Murrugun the Mystic

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Murrugun The Mystic
As a child, Scott Nelson was always fascinated with magic and mysticism. Growing up with a family background in metaphysics, it was no surprise after seeing Todd Brownings Freaks, he was inspired with a passion that would follow him throughout his life. After seeing Gene Simmons of KISS blow fire, twelve year old Scott decided he could do blow fire just as well, and the spark started. But it wasn’t until early 2000 that he realized he could do his act for a living. After years of doing bar tricks, he got a call to do one of the eighty-three shows of Las Vegas and began his career as a side show artist.

Now known as Murrugun the Mystic, Scott has toured with Bros Grim Sideshow on the Vans Warped Tour, hit up the east coast with Freak Show Deluxe, touring places like the world famous Coney Island Sideshow, James Taylor’s Palace of Wonders, and he also worked the 2007 Halloween season at Paramount’s Carrowinds Amusement Park (the east coast equivalent to Knott’s Berry Farm, only much larger).  And recently Performing for the Stone Temple Pilots Reunion Party at the Famous Houdini Mansion.

After tasting Hollywood by doing a swallow for CSI New York and hassling David Hasslehoff for the viewers of America’s Got Talent, Murrugun is looking for work on television all over the world. Renowned  as one of the best fire eaters around, and with a résumé sporting acts varying from the Human Furnace, Multiple Sword Swallowing,The Human Pincushion and the mystifying Yogi Floss routine, Murrugun lives up to a reputation to amaze, confuse, and gross out the audience with acts originating all over the world.  He hopes to bring the charm of the old school sideshow to your theaters, televisions and even your homes…if someone will let him.


Murrugun The Mystic is a circus style stuntman.
From major TV and Movies (Cougar Town, CSI NY, Gong show) AMC’s ‘Freakshow’ SR Performer for Season 1.
Holds record for fastest sword swallowing via rocket propelled sword