Maria Wolf / Diabolo Diva

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Maria Wolf is a 7th generation circus performer and actress born in Czech Republic but raised in England
and Germany that started her professional career at the age of 9.
Maria has won many awards all around the world including:
At the age of 15 the Gold medal at the national modern dance competition,
2004 and 2007 additional 2 Gold’s for Maria and her family in Europe for circus performance excellence.
“One of the things I love the most about my life is that it has enabled me to live close to a lot of animals
especially to Horses.”
While working in more than 15 countries Maria has not only learned 5 languages including Russian,
Polish, German, Czech and English but also picked up great experience from all the different cultures
which she expresses in her acting and performing ability.
In 2011 Maria was hired by Cirque du Soleil as one of their specialty performers and was acknowledged
as the best female diaboloist in the world, since than she has received a Green Card from the US
government for extraordinary ability and lives in Las Vegas performing worldwide.