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London Shadows

  • Height
    5ft 8in
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Dress
  • Size Under Bust
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London Shadows has been modeling for a little since 1999 doing mostly gothic fashion and fetish/domination modeling. She has had prints in:

The City Morgue: Issue #1 First Page
“Featured Photographer page 18
“Eye Fetish: The Photography Of Larry Bradby Issue #2
Cover Fetish Anthology Volume 4: Full page in Section on Larry Bradby (page 32)
Gothic Beauty: Midnight DC Ad (page 54)
DC City Paper Ads for Attitudes
Boutique Bound
Flyer New Years Eve 2000, DC, Miami and New York Circulations.
Zero Baltimore Club Flyers

She is also a freelance makeup artist & stylist.

Also as a Gothic/Industrial/EBM Dj. (CD’s) she has DJed for Alchemy, Dollhouse, Midnight(DC) and Zero (Baltimore).