Lindi Hop

  • Height
    5ft 2in
  • Weight
    117 lbs
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Dress
  • Shoe
  • Hair
  • Piercings
  • Tattoos
  • Size Under Bust
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Lindi is unique and gets along well with other misfits. Believes style beats technique any day.
Hair changes as often a your underwear, which is hopfully often. It is currently light lilac/white, but who knows what color it’ll be in a month. Has 5 tattoos, all of which are very special. Working on a large back piece soon. I have 3 piercings in each ear, but none elsewhere.
Has experience in promotional modeling working for PUSH Models in Scottsdale, AZ.
Also have quite the knack for dancing. Believes it’s what gives swagger, yo. I break, pop, lock, shuffle, bellydance and am getting into tutting lately. Aspires to someday to be in hip hop music videos as a background dancer, or to be a dancer on stage with a group like LMFAO or Chris Brown, who clearly cater to hip hop dancers. I worked with a traveling dance/gogo group known as The DeViltry Dolls for about a year.
By far my most popular attribute is the dotted tattoo on my right arm. I’m a graphic designer, and the dots are technically called a halftone pattern in my industry. To be a nerdy story less nerdy, it represents the dots that make up a printed image. People recognize me based on that tattoo entirely and it is my goal to turn myself into a “brand.” i.e., to get jobs because I’m recognizable, not necessarily because of my looks.
FRONT Mag Alt. Girl Selected, Issue 170
The Helldorado Girls calendar/promotional model
AZ Bike Week Promotional Model
The Underground Magazine fashion show:
Briana Linea Collection
Rioux Leroux: Runway For A Cause
Trish Martin: Punkouture
Toni & Guy “Rock Legends” hair show
Whitney MM #867485
Madame Trapeze Fashion Show
“Doll Rnt Dead”
Joni Pearson –
Kathy Stites #709793
Jim Fury Furious Ideas #820413
Martin Hazine #2827
I Must Be Dead #362895
Ecliptic Productions #1663881
AT Imagery #2137393
Karly Koren
YipDog Studios #2423135
David Miller Photoworks #1401374
Jeremiah Cooper #376334
The DeViltry Dolls