Layne D’Angelo

  • Height
    5ft 11in
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
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CREDITS Photographers….not all, just my favorites

Leroy Roper
Greg Daniels
Philip Warner/Lithium Picnic
Brandon Jennings
Timb Hamilton
Max V
Adam Chilson
Brandon Luna
Simon Gerzina
Tom Eitnier/Koolgirliestuff
Erik Sivad
Nadyia/High Art
Hutch/ Muselessmime
Flesh Fetish Photography
Daryl Sheilds
James Hoff
Jill Rasco
Shanda Kerr
Circle 23
Miss Missy

Models I have worked with:
I personally recommend working with these incredibly talented models and performers!

Dayna DeLux
Audra O
Angela Ryan
Scarlett Fever
Mandy Massacre
Caustic Cayla
Melissa Meaow
Valerie Whitaker
Victoria Sinister
Vivi Sterling
Krystal Friday
Dark Spider

Model For:

Azrael’s Accomplice
Nicole Moan’s Ceramic Corsets
Crimson Empress
Exquisite Restraint
Art with Latex
After Dark Jewelry
Paul Mitchell
Toni and Guy
Poison Candy
Rockin Bones Fashion and Entertainment
Evening Eclipse
Flyrite Choppers
Torture Couture
Moda Global Fashion
Leather Masters
Pretty Baby Hats and Bows
Fetish Dames
Featured in the Dallas Morning News


The Rope Trick
(Directed by Timb Hamilon, Generic Photo)

180 (Directed by Drew Rist)

Yaqui’s World

Esmerelda’s Dreadful Theatre
(Directed by Blue Leopard Media)

Layne’s Late Nite Massacre
Scream Tv

Cadaver Cabaret- Euthanasia
Cadaver Cabaret- CC Soldiers
Cadaver Cabaret –  Broken Dolls

Maury Povich



2006 Girls of The Church
2006 Texas Erotic calender
2007 Flesh Fetish Photography Calendar

Live Performances:

Founding member of the Cadaver Cabaret Burlesque Troop

2005 Dallas Fetish Ball
2006 Cadaver Cabaret with Voltaire
2006 Disturbathon
2006 Dallas Fetish Ball
2007 Bloodlove
2007 Houston Fetish Ball
2007 Texas Frightmare Weekend
2007 Sanitarium
2007 Red White and Blood
2007 Cadaver Cabaret with the Sickboys
2007 Broken Dolls Gallery Showing

2009 Dallas Burlesque Festival

Bizarre Magazine
Bizarre Ultra Vixen’s Book
Core Dallas Cover Model
The Dallas Observer-Best of Dallas edition
ANE Magazine
Vicious Betties
The Dallas Morning News
Envy Magazine

Plus tons of event flyers

A few of the websites where you can view me: model of the month
Inked Magazine- Inked girl of the day
Body Rocking- Model of the day Edge Hotties

Plus countless photography sites.