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    Freak Show, sideshow, escape artist
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John Chaos strives to bring the old sideshow ways to a brand new generation of the masses. Pushing himself to learn as much as possible about his chosen art form, John Chaos believes there are NO limits to achieving his goal. The goal of not only entertaining the populace, but educating the world that No Brain.. No Pain.

At a John Chaos show you can witness these amazing acts: Hammering nails into his face only to be followed by the daring feat and danger of a drill. Walking on broken glass and using it as a cousin between the ground and someone else’s body. Strait Jackets, animal traps of all types and throwing darts are all props you’ll see used in ways you never thought possible at a John Chaos show. Where has he learned his craft? By working with the greats of course! The Jim Rose Circus, The Bizzaro Future Circus, and Circus della Morte. Even performing on the streets of Italy and various cities in the United States including Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, and Tulsa, OK John Chaos has spared no venue of his special brand of talent. Want to see what all of the buzz is on this modern freak? Then step inside and have a look around…

Human Blockhead, Drillhead, Fun with Animal traps, Psychic ability, Fun with Broken Glass, Eating Razor
Blades, Escapes: Straight Jackets & Chains, Bed of Nails, Can Smash, Cooking Pot Smash, Glass Eater, Human Ashtray, Test of Strength

Former member of:
Jim Rose Circus
Bizzaro Future Circus: Founding Member
Circus della Morte: Found Member
Oddball Society: Found Member

Clubs performed at:
Trees (Dallas, TX)
Curtain Club (Dallas,TX)
Spider Babies (Dallas, TX)
Curtain Club (Dallas, TX)
Red Blood Club (Dallas, TX)
Rubber Gloves (Denton,TX)
Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack (Lewisville, TX)
The Boston (Las Vegas, NV)
IKON (Tulsa, OK)
The TAC Room (Dallas, TX)
The Garage (Denton, TX)
Darkside Lounge (Dallas, TX)
Tom Cats (Dallas, TX)
Art 6 Coffee House (Denton, TX)

Performed in the following countries:

“A brilliant young sideshow performer…” Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus

“That’s gross!” Scott Fralicks from the WB 33 TV

“This kid is insane!” Michale Graves – EX-Misfits frontman

“Totally fucking mind blowing!” Vinne Paul – Drummer for Damage Plan/Pantera

Tattoos: FREAK on right ankle