Jeffrey Marshall

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Jeffrey Marshall could challenge anyone who’s ever had the privilege of meeting him and honestly say that he is probably one of the most unique people you will ever meet. He has lived a very unique life and his souls purpose is to share that with people from all walks of life. To tell you a little bit about this unique individual, we must start from the beginning.

Jeffrey was born in La Plata Maryland on the 5th of December 1972. When he was born, he was three months premature and born with a severe disability. He was born without arms and very small legs and given a very low chance of survival. The doctor’s prognosis was that he would undoubtedly not live past three months. But his family tried to give him love the best way that they knew how and Jeffrey was destined to live. Three months went and passed and to everyone’s surprise, he had the independence and strength to do whatever he put his mind to. As he grew up, he lived with his mother, father and three sisters in the Washington, DC area until the age of 13 before moving to Florida. Two years after moving to Florida, the family packed up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. While attending high school, Jeffrey started his love affair with music.

Jeffrey always wanted to play music and began practicing bass guitar with his high school buddies after school. Since he was used to using his feet like hands, he started to play with passion and purpose. From the moment he touched the instrument, he knew that it would be something that he would do for the rest of his life. After high school Jeffrey went to Middle Tennessee State University where he majored in music, acting, and film. Through a series of strange and unique occurrences, his second live performance was in front of 20,000 people were he shared the stage with Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler’s, and the Dave Matthews band. That day alone changed Jeffrey’s life forever. He was no longer considered to be simply that guy called Jeffrey Marshall. But from that day alone, he was considered to be Jeffrey Marshall, “the guy that plays the bass guitar with his feet.”
In 1996 Jeffrey moved from Tennessee and came to Denver, Colorado where he still continued to pursue his music career playing and recording with local and regional bands in the area. Jeffrey began seriously writing songs, singing, and also playing harmonica all at the same time. After six years of traveling between Denver and Los Angeles, he decided it was time for another life adventure. So Jeffrey ordered a passport, bought a plane ticket, and within two months was in Prague, Czech Republic (he didn’t know anything about the place or any anyone). In January of 2002 Jeffrey formed “Supercool” with another American who he met in Prague by the name of Daniel Levanti. They began playing and recording music and appearing in several documentaries about Jeffrey and also the band around the Czech Republic and the rest of Europe. In 2005, after a European tour and successful EP, Supercool went to Nashville and recorded “Greatest Hits Volume 1″ signed under Earwave Records.
In the fall of 2007, Jeffrey moved to Jamaica before finally deciding to return to America. Now, living back in the states, Jeffrey is once again reinventing himself as a musician and a filmmaker. He is attending Colorado Film School for directing and still actively pursuing his music career on an international basis. With all the things that Jeffrey Marshall has accomplished in his life, if you ask him if he plans to slow down and the future, he simply replies, “I’ve only just begun!”