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Elsie and Serenity Smith are identical twins specializing in aerial acrobatics who appeared as the acclaimed Duo Trapeze act on Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco.

They perform as Gemini Trapeze and run a circus school and performance troupe as Nimble Arts and a cirque spectacular known as Ruckus. The sisters’ teaching &
performing backgrounds include Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus, Circus of the Kids, the New Pickle Circus, Pilobolus, Canopy Aerial Dance Studio, Sea World & Circus Smirkus. Serenity & her husband, Bill Forchion, also perform a partner acrobatic act.

Elsie & Serenity have performed for many corporate & private events & print & television campaigns including for Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, ADS, Pacific Bell, Vogue, Wells Fargo Bank & a Primus music video.

Bill, besides performing with Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Bros., & The Pickle
Family Circus, has an extensive career as a stunt man and actor in film & television.

Serenity helped found the San Francisco School of Circus Arts & was Pilates captain for /Saltimbanco/ where she worked closely with physical therapists to promote injury prevention & rehabilitation. Elsie taught aerials at the SFSCA, has a coaches certification in trampoline, & choreographed with Sea World, Circus Smikrus & the UGA Dance department among others.

Circus Acts for Hire

Elsie & Serenity offer an award winning duo trapeze act as well as several solos on trapeze, silks, lyra and rope. Our company members fill out the roster with acrobatic, juggling and character acts as well as strolling talent including stiltwalkers and clowns. We can send you a single stunning act or present multiple acts in one event making your show planning easy & affordable. Our rigging needs are flexible & can accommodate almost any theatrical or event space on our freestanding aerial rig. Our minimum ceiling height is 16- 20′ for aerial acts & 12′ for partner acrobatics and juggling acts and we can set up out of doors as well.

If you don’t see an act that you are looking for, we have a host of friends and contacts who perform just about everything, so just ask us!



Customized Themes and other acts. . .

Additional acts available include German Wheel, Contortion, Solo Handbalancing, Hula Hooping, Clowning, Interactive Mime (audience participation), etc. Acts can be customized with music and costume to fit any theme – Black & White Ball, Carnivale, Cirque, Casino Night, 1920’s, 1970’s, Weddings, let your imagination be the guide!

‘Dos Chicas’ — Award winning Duo Trapeze

‘They are mesmerizing . . . breathtaking! It looks like a kaleidascope the way they come together & apart!’ Susan Keese, Vermont Public Radio

Elsie & Serenity’s unique act, this piece is an elegent & spectacular centerpiece to any show. One twin hangs by one leg off the other’s knee before dancing around the bar until they have switched places and the other twin suspends gracefully from only one foot. Winner of the Special Prize at the Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China and a Bronze Medal at the International Circus Festival in Albacete, Spain


rEvolve — Duo trapeze

Elsie & Serenity’s unique apparatus act — a daring and thrilling ride on a rEvolving rectangular trapeze. This act is unique, balletic and daring!



Solo Fabric

An inventive use of a classic apparatus, this presentation features intricate choreography & exciting drops in an act that builds dramatically to a stunning finish.


Duo Flying Silks

This high flying display of flexibility and daring is gracefully performed on colorful aerial fabrics. Elsie & Serenity bring some of their unique partnering skills to this exciting act.


Solo Dance Trapeze

A fast spinning and high flying act on a trapeze that flies high above the audience. The music is sexy and upbeat and sure to please!

Performed to the uplilfting spiritual ‘I wish I would know how it feels to be free. . .’ by Nina Simone, this is a joyful solo trapeze act performed by Serenity Smith Forchion. The single point makes it easy to rig and it can be performed on a pulley for more air time.

Aerial Silks Hammock ‘Love Reign Over Me. . .’

Elsie’s newest solo act on an aerial silks hung in an inventive manner to add drama to the beautiful and graceful act. Performed to a bluesy vocal track, this sensuous act is lovely and dramatic.


Aerial Sling (flying fabric cocoon)