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Lydia Mav:
Aerial silks and Aerial sling/hammock
Owner and Founder of Four Elements Yoga and Fitness. She has performed as an aerialist at yoga events, in night clubs, along side bands, with an internationally known aerial company as well as having been selected as a finalist and competed as a finalist in a regional aerial competition. Lydia also offers aerial yoga demos, and has done so at the Wanderlust festival in Austin and for an in-store events at Athleta in Austin.
Caty Mae:
Aerial silks, aerial sling/hammock, aerial hoop/lyra, trapeze, rope and contortion.

Before she was even born, Caty Mae’s parents were traveling up and down the California coastline, working in various circuses. When it was her time to stand in the ring, her family would realize that it was more than destiny, it was in her blood.

Caty Mae started her training in Los Angeles, by accident when someone noticed her pointed toes during a set of pull-ups and recommended a silks class. With years of yoga and athletic tendencies under her belt, it wasn’t long before she was enrolled in a full time aerial training program, under the mastery of Cirque du Soleil coaches, Rachel Walker of Kooza and Sarah Steben of Saltimbuca.

Almost immediately after she left school, her career took flight. She has since worked in many nightclubs in Hollywood as well as fairs, benefits, and school shows. She has also worked with high profile stars like Macy Grey and studied silks alongside P!nk. Her passion for being in the air has taken her all over the country and abroad. Her most recent endeavor has been a two year tour with a three ring circus working. She was working on Silks, Lyra, Spanish Web, and several elephants.

After a couple years on the road, Caty Mae is excited to return to teaching and share her experiences with students who share her same enthusiasm for circus arts. As an athlete first and foremost, she believes in specified techniques for flexibility and strength training, which she has molded over the coarse of her career. Currently, she is teaching and performing in Austin, while developing her own project called Urban Aerial Arts. Caty is also the 1st place winner of MTPS lyra division 2013.

Aerial sling/hammock and Pole
Summer began her journey into the Aerial world through Pole Dance Fitness. Summer attributes pole dance fitness to transforming her into the strong, confident woman that she has become. Summer began instructing in October 2009 and is an X-Pert Certified Pole Fitness instructor. She wanted to help other women discover the strength, beauty and grace that they all possess yet sometimes find hard to express.
During the past 18 months Summer has shifted her focus to include the Aerial Hammock. What began as an effort in cross training has moved into an entirely new level of movement and has allowed her to express herself in a completely different way. She has performed all various locations in Austin for corporate, private and public events.