Disgraceland Family Sideshow

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    Sideshow freakshow
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::: A general list of our acts :::

Spliff the Amazing Amazonian Infliction

various blockheads, nailbeds, piercing weight lifting, beer tree/rack, staples, nail seesaw, nail pillow, can finger, iron maiden, dry ice…

GanJeesh the Scandinavian Shaman

bug eating, pincushion (face, chest), nail handstand, iron maiden, various blockheads, staples, traps, light bulb clap, can finger, dry ice…

M.C. A.K.A.

dartboard, staples, master of ceremonies, various blockheads, mental floss, piercing weight lifting…

JiJi the Carny Girl

mental floss, nail walking, pincushion corsets, various blockheads, staples, nail seesaw, eyelid weight lifting…

Roc Roc It the Supa Freak

traps, rubber glove, balloon swallow, straightjacket escape, various blockheads, piercing weight lifting, fire of all sorts…


nail stacks, money tree, random violence and stupidity, random magic, balloon animals, spinning dragon…

Brief list of some shows from 2004 to present

-Last Rites after party for roseland tatcon, club show, nyc 04
-Prince ravi’s weddding, coney islands sideshow by the seashore bk 04
-east west 420 fest, l.i., 04
-metal edge’s metal mania spook fest, don hill’s, nyc 04
-private party for Al jorgenssen and ministry, ultrasound lounge, l.i. 05
-philadelphia city paper corporate party, the trocadero, philly 05
-east west 420 fest, l.i., 05
-philadelphia intl tat arts con, 05
-philadelphia intl tat arts con, 06
-east west 420 fest, l.i., 06
-“sideshow” the musical, offoff broadway, brooklyn gallery players theatre 06
-art-kor flesh & blood freak conneXion, don hill’s, nyc 06