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Devaná Lux was born August 6th, 1992 in Baltimore, MD. Showing an interest in modeling in her younger years, her family encouraged her to begin. She was briefly represented by a local modeling agency. But her main passions at the time were music, drawing and other forms of art. As she got older, towards her high school years, she developed an obsession with the alternative culture and modeling scene. Growing up in a more orthodox family, she unwantingly stood out as the individualist. A free thinker adorned with brightly colored hair and an evolving collection of body modifications. Her mission as an artist, in any media, was always to show that despite what is commonly accepted, there is much more to beauty and a person. She’s very into fashion but acknowledges that her appearance doesn’t define who she is or anyone else. After graduating high school she got her first camera to pursue her photography passion. In 2010 she started as an intern under another photographer and created her own small business Something Bittersweet Photography. Specializing in alternative model photography, she started off taking photos of friends to get comfortable with the camera and also to learn about modeling herself by directing a majority of the shoots. She began majoring in photography in college in 2011 to gain more knowledge about the subject. The more she learned about photography, the more comfortable it made her about becoming a model. In 2012 she began modeling for aspiring photographer friends. Her first photo shoot had her sold on wanting to try her hand at modeling again. Her otherworldliness and ever-changing style gives photographers an interesting subject to photograph every time. She is passionate about art, beauty, and creation and is ready to take over the alternative modeling scene with her versatile and unique look that leaves her capable of doing many different styles of modeling. She has dreams of one day branching out into acting and modeling handmade and vintage clothing for designers and webstores.

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“If it wasn’t for Devaná Lux Anaved I would not do half the things i do today! She is extremely inspiring to me as a photographer and as a model. Devaná is professional and very creative as a photographer and MUA. Her style simply cannot be defined and she’ll be sure to add something to your portfolio that you don’t already have. And if you are new to the whole modeling scene she is great at giving out pointers to help make you look your best! I highly recommend her as a photographer to anyone who is interested in modeling because she is completely unique and also happens to be one of my favorite photographers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with!” – Holly Monroe (Holly Monroe Photography)

“My experience shooting with Devaná Lux Anaved of Something Bittersweet Photography was nothing short of extraordinary. Devaná and her MUA: – immediately made me feel comfortable in the studio (good talks, laughs, good music playing & made my escort feel at home) -had infectious creative energy -gave good direction -collaborated with me on fresh concepts -produced some of my favorite shots in my portfolio Photographers: THIS is how you do it. A++ . Fucking stellar.” – Robin Arnold (Robin Adele)

“One of my absolute favorite photographers! Fun, creative and very pretty. The pictures were amazing!” – Charmaine “Pixie’Stix” Love

“So professional, and what I love most about you is that you immediately came with a soul that put me at ease. I felt completely comfortable and it seems like you are really “in the know” about projecting an image that is flattering, authentic and awesome!” – Sarah Juanita

“Devaná Lux comes over for a couple of shots Friday night, and blows me away with what a natural she really is: Thoughtful & creative.” – Mark Zimin (BLOW-UP)

“She was a natural.” – Travis Jacobs (Travis Jacobs Photography)

“And I must say it was a pleasure working with you also. You definitely bring the drama. That’s in a good way.” – Edgar Thompson (Edgar Thompson Photography)

“I agree, that we had a great and fun shoot last week. I am working on your images now, and the more I look at them, the more impressed I am with your modeling skills — both posing and expression. They are subtle, but strong and come across very well. I would be great to work with you on other projects. ”
– Stan Freedman (Stan Freedman Photography)

“I have to work with you again. The reviews I got were AMAZING!!” – Parris Ryurairyan (Parris Photography)

“You have amazing talent and a stunning soul.” – Ren (Random.eye.candy.Photography)

“The enigmatic Devaná Lux. She’s not only an alluring presence in front of the camera, but also an impressive photographer herself. Check out her work at Something Bittersweet Photography!” – Jim O’Connor (Obsidian Dreams/Jim O’Connor Photography)

“I wish to extend a heartfelt thank to the muses that made 2014 the most satisfying year of creativity for me in at least a decade! From its start to its finish, the following have been nothing less than impeccable, professional, and delightfully adventurous. Ladies, it was a pleasure to work you!” – Thomas Izzaguire (Ratravarman)