David Doyle

  • Performance
    stilt walker, fire eater, acrobat, jester

David Doyle, a versatile and talented performer, is sure to delight any audience with his wide array of specialized shows. A veteran entertainer, he has enchanted audiences across the East Coast for over a decade with his unique displays of fire performing, escape artistry, stilt walking, acrobatics, geek shows and children’s comedy shows.

As a performer, David has performed in a variety of venues, anywhere from Congressional picnics, store grand openings, non-profit benefits to private country club settings, and more.

He performs along side various artists in several unique shows including a High Flying Fools – an exciting Acrobatics, A Little Tipsy a dangerous vaudeville style Geek Show, and S.M.E.L.L. U. – his Jester show for children.


What others have said about David Doyle:

Amanda Stano, Staff Educator of the Carnegie Science Center says “During the 2006 summer exhibit, Magic: The Science of Illusion, Escape Artist/Magician David Doyle performed live demonstrations on the Magic Stage.  His unique brand of magic made for a mesmerizing summer at the Carnegie Science Center.”

Lori Hughes, the director of public relations for the Pittsburgh Festival states that “Pester the Jester [is] incredibly funny and entertaining… doesn’t matter if you’re 3 or 93!”


Whether you are looking for action or a few good laughs, whether you want to see action filled escapes and acrobatic or comedy children’s shows, David Doyle is the versatile entertainer for any event and every audience.


Renaissance & Medieval Shows


Dave or Pester The Jester as he is known in the Renaissance world offers a unique variety of Renaissance Faire styled shows that will surely delight and amaze peasents and royalty alike.

S.M.E.L.L. U.

Welcome to Silliness, Mockery, Entertainment, Laughs & Libations University or S.M.E.L.L. U. Here children will learn about the history of Jesters from the Master of Morons themselves Pester the Jester. With his Bachelors in Buffoonery, his Masters in Mockery, and his PHD in FUN(that’s Finding Unique Novelties), Pester has a wide array of ridiculous knowledge to help teach hopeful young(and old!) fools on their way to become fully fledged professional idiots! Click here for more information, images, and video.

High Flying Fools

Join the High Flying Fools Pester & Fiona the Fool for some amazing acrobatics antics, a little tied-up twisted tumbling, & many more reasons why you shouldn’t be fed sugar every night for dinner growing up.  Delighting & impressing audiences across the east coast, the High Flying Fool’s show will captivate any audience.

A Little Tipsy

Join the original broke bloke O’Doyle on his quest to earn some pub money in the best way he knows how…..Hurting himself for your entertainment!  Having lost a bar bet or 2 in his life, he’s come up with quite the repertoire of stupid human tricks!  Things will be swallowed, nails will be laid upon and much more.