Cynthia Leigh

  • Performance
    Plus Size Model
  • Height
    5ft 5in
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Dress
  • Bust
  • Shoe

Cynthia is a professional model, actress, and costumed performer with over 5 years experience in each.


Past wardrobe clients have included: Star Wars: In Concert, Jay-Z/Mary J Blige, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. Additional skills include computer repair, video gaming knowledge, photography, and firearms training (shotguns/rifles/handguns).

She is also currently a Fashion / Entertainment Staff Writer for Gothic Beauty Magazine. She also does some freelance contributions to other publications when available.


Short Promotional Credit List:

Bailey’s Irish Creme, Kellogg’s, Coke Zero, Mentos, Burger King, Dove, Jose Cuervo, Flogging Molly, 12 Stones, AT&T, Alltel, Capcom, Anime Network, Olay, Ford, Tecate, Coor’s Light, Crown Royal, Disney, HP, Dekuyper, Smirnoff, & Allstate


Short Print Credit List:

– ‘Cosplay Models’ in Charisma+2 Magazine (Nov US, 2009)

– Shampoo in Aniville Media Network Photobook (US, 2008)

– ‘Persephone’ (Digital Painting) by Valeron (US, 2008)

– China Girl in Lush Curves Magazine (US, 2008)

– ‘The Rise of Cosplay in the US’ in Anicoz Magazine (US, 2008)

– Dragon*Con’s Annual Dawn Contest D*C TV & DVD (US, 2006 & 2007)

– Blood N’ Sex (Credits) on (US, 2007)

– Communicator for Walt Disney World (US, 2007)

– Cosplay: Catgirls & Other Critters by Stone Bridge Press (US, 2006)

– Cosplex Magazine(PG 53) (Japan, 2004)

Short Featured Film & TV List:

– WWE Smackdown (US, 2007)
– National Visa/Saints Commercial (US, 2007)
– NBA All-Star Half-Time Show (US, 2008)
– Saints Omni Bank Commercial (US, 2008)
– Nike “Field Generals” Commercial (US, 2008)
– The Business of Falling in Love (US, 2009)
– Treme (US, 2009)
– Jonah Hex (US, 2009)