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Suspension Theatre

Constructs of Ritual Evolution

They can tailor shows to a theme

It is CoRE’s intent to create original and physically demanding works of theatre by blending the practice of modern performance art with ancient rituals of body suspension.

CoRE has suspended their own concept of physical limitation, pierced the heart of their fears, and transcended the boundaries of social convention in order to further the understanding of the corporeal and spiritual being. Suspension acts combined with traditional performance art and theatre provide them with a new outlet for artistic expression
that enables the audience to join them on their emotional journey. By pushing their own boundaries in life and art, they inspire others to explore their own.

* 20 to 30 minute intense show with music.

* includes performers and a crew

* They provide their own live music by a musician who plays the “theremin” (the instrument used in the 1960s STAR TREK theme) along with electronics and percussion