Circus della Morte

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Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages step right up and witness with your own eyes, Circus della Morte. Formerly known as the Bizzaro Future Circus, this new sideshow will amaze you with their darker and more twisted stunts. Come witness acts rarely seen on stage. Be astonishes as Mr. N. Visible sacrifices his tender flesh and blood for your entertainment. Gaze upon Kennie, professional masticator and wielder of dangerous objects, as he eats objects not meant for human consumption. Be awed by Nurse Narcissa as she swallows a four-foot balloon and performs her tantalizing acts of contortion. Witness the death defying juggling of Charlie Tips and his gay table of doom. Enjoy the prose and musical styling of Mike McNasty and his concertina. All hosted by the prodigious Doctor Skotch, who appreciates you buying the rounds.

Circus della Morte is North Texas’ longest running sideshow troupe, running nine years straight with at least one original member. The sideshow mixes both traditional and new stunts together and adds humor to their performance. Their members have performed across the globe, on television and in movies, but thrill to entertain live audiences year after year. Members have been featured on America’s Got Talent, in the horror movie Bubba’s Chili Parlor and more. They are dedicated to bringing the lost art of body manipulation, circus skills and sideshow stunts to their audience. They are the only troupe who attempts the dangerous act of shattering a lightbulb on the forehead of a performer with a hammer, sending shards of thin razor sharp glass into the skin and muscle of the human skull and are the inventors of said stunt. They have wowed audiences from three to retirement, across the globe and everywhere in between. Their pleasure lies in you, the audience fainting or cheering night after night.

Circus della Morte currently exist as the joining of six individual members, brought together by their love of the stage, sideshow, music and good alcohol.

Kennie – Wielder of Sharp Objects, Masticator and the runner up of
the sideshows sex appeal category.

Mike McNasty – The sideshows maestro of mayhem, McNasty
offers his eerie musical stylings through his crooked

Mr. N. Visible – The man who runs marathons of pain just for your
pleasure, Mr. N. Visible is the sideshows resident

Nurse Narcissa – Contortionist and masticator extraordinaire, the Nurse
is the sexiness to an otherwise manly bunch.
(She also keeps us all in line).

Dr. Skotch – Our master of ceremonies keeps the party going, often
found with a drink in his hand and a dame in his arms the
Doctor cures what ails you.

Charlie Tips – The Coney Island Scoundrel, Mr. Tips is our newest
addition adding a style and poise that can only come
from hammering nails up ones nose.


Human Blockhead
Mental Floss
Lightbulb Head Smash
Glass Eating
Body through a Tennis Racquet
Knife Juggling
Face in Glass
Balls of Steel
Fire Eating
Bed of Nails
Balloon Swallow
Human Chopping Block
Straight Jacket Escape
Human Dartboard
Human Pincushion
Razorblade Regurgitation

Plus the cheerful jests of MC Skotch
and the musical stylings of
the one and only Mike McNasty