Circus della Morte

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Ladies and Gentlemen step right up and see the Circus della Morte.

Circus della Morte is Dallas’ only performing circus sideshow. Formerly known as Bizzaro Future Circus, the new circus has reformed into a darker more twisted form of itself.

Come witness acts rarely seen.

Be amazed as Mr. N. Visible sacrifices his tender flesh and body for your entertainment. Gaze upon our professional masticator, Wicked Jello, as she eats objects never meant for human consumption, and be awed by our newest member, Spider, as she manipulates flames and performs acts of contortion


Dr. Skotch (MC), Mike McNacsty (Concertina), Mr. N. Visible, Kennie and Nurse Narcissa
Human Blockhead
Lightbulb Smash
Glass Eating
Razorblade Regurgitation
Straight Jacket Escape
Balloon Swallowing
Body through Tennis Raquet
Human Dartboard
Human Chopping Block
Human Pincushion
Glass Walking
Face in Glass

In the Works:
Bed of Nails
Fire Eating
Stronman Stunts