Christine Van Loo

  • Performance
    Aerialist, acrobat, gymnast
Awards & Honors
  • Female Olympic Athlete of the Year.
  • Athlete of the Decade in acrobatic gymnastics.
  • 7-time consecutive National Champion (the only sports acrobat to do so)
  • Inducted into the USSAF (acro-gymnastics) Hall of Fame.
  • Inducted into the World Acrobatics Society Gallery of Honor.
  • Considered a legend in acrobatic gymnastics.
  • Received “Key to the City” in Solen, OH; Baton Rouge, LA; New Orleans, LA. 
  • Received “Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Citizen” in New Orleans, LA (twice).
  • Received Honorable Mention for “Overture to the Arts,” (in dance) a nationwide dance competition.    
  •    BA from the University of New Orleans, on an academic scholarship and on the Dean’s list.​
  •    High school Valedictorian, Student of the Year, and Student Representative.
  •    Bobbie Chance, Ric DiAngelo (Actor’s Preparatory Workshop), & U of N.O. for Acting technique, scenes, improvisation.
  •    New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, The Edge & Millinium for Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Character, and Folk dancing.
  •    N.O. Acrobatics Team & Elmwood Gymnastics for Sports Acrobatics.
Live Performances
  •     Aerialist on Paul McCartney’s European tour
  •     Aerialist in the 2002 Winter Olympics.
  •     Aerial silk act 80 feet off a nine story building for Cirque du Soleil’s press release of Zumanity. 
  •     Aerial silks off hot air balloon with Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban singing live. 
  •     Star Wars, Rush Hour II & Spider Man premieres.
  •     Performances with Anti-gravity.
  •     Pan American Games, North Carolina. 
  •     Olympic Sports Festival, North Carolina.
  •     The Perfect 10 Tou with Olympic Gymnastics Team.
  •     McDonald’s American Cup, Virginia.
  •     Kurt Thomas Gymnastics America US Tour.
  •     NFL Football Playoffs. Superdome, New Orleans, LA
  •     World Sports Fair in Tokyo, Japan. Acrobatics competition
  •     Live with Earth, Wind and Fire.
  •     World’s Fair.
  •     Fund raisers with Aaron Neville, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and others.
  •     Performances at the Sydney Opera House and The Kennedy Center among many others. 
  •     Hundreds of corporate performances, charity benefits and private events.
  •     Currently touring with Cirque de la Symphonie, performing with live symphony orchestras.
  • ​NBC’s Celebrity Circus                                       
  • Ellen DeGeneres                                        
  • Britney Spears World Tour                            
  • 42nd annual “Grammys” (Ricky Martin)          
  • 45th annual Grammys (No Doubt)              
  • American Music Awards (Aerosmith)              
  • Stars on Ice                                                
  • Miss Universe Pageant                                  
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch                            
  • ESPN World Class Women                              
  • NBC’s The Today Show                                
  • Cirque Ingenious                                  
  • Airwaves                                               
  • Christmas Spectacular                                                
  • National Sports Acrobatics Competitions        
  • Jerry Lewis Telethon (twice)                        
  • ​Television in China, Russia, Japan, Bulgaria, Belgium, France and the US. 
Circus trainer
Aerial choreographer
Aerial Choreographer

​Co-host (in Italian)
Color commentator
Acrobatics & Aerial      

British pilot
  • Rush Hour II  ​
  • Just my Luck
  • Bratz           
  • Afro-Ninja    
  • Geppetto           
  • A Light in the Forest                                    ​
Stunt/Aerialist  ​
Avery Pix
Lady Luck Prod.uctions
Arad Productions
H3 Films
​Blue Horizon International
  • ​Secrets of the Circus Acts Revealed  
  • Circus Skills for Actros  
  • Music Videos (Tommy Lee)    
  • Music Videos (Goo Goo Dolls)     
  • Music videos (Petey Pablo)                                                                    
Van Loo Productions
Van Loo Productions
Instructor/Choreography Credentials
  •   Trainer of the celebrities on NBC’s Celebrity Circus.
  •   Aerial choreographer for Britney Spears World Tour.
  •   Aerial choreographer for Olympic champion Alexei Yagundin for the Stars on Ice US tour.
  •   Choreographed floor routines for elite level gymnasts and acrogymnasts.
  •   Choreographed for Cirque Ingenieux (World renowned theatrical circus show)
  •   Teaches sports acrobatics and aerial silks workshops throughout the US.
  •   Worked as a gymnastics, acrobatics and aerial coach, choreographer and director.
  •   Trained acro-gymnasts in Italy and the U.S. from beginner to elite level. Many of these students advanced to international competitions.
  •   Selected by Fuji film and the Japanese Gymnastics Federation to initiate Sports Acrobatics training programs in Japan via exhibitions, clinics, and creation of instructional books and videos.
  •   Trained international champion competitive theatrical dance pairs.
  •   Producer of ”Secrets of the Circus Revealed,” instructional DVDs. 
  •   Personal aerial trainers for Claire Danes and Russel Crowe.
  •   Taught masterclasses in Australia, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Canada, and the US.  
  •   Taught for Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque du Monde, a social circus program.
  •   ​Co-owner of Airborne Arts, an aerial retreat center overlooking a 600 foot waterfall in Costa Rica.
  •    Featured on NBC’s The Today Show.
  •    Featured on ESPN’s World Class Women.
  •    Featured in National Geographic World Magazine.
  •    Featured on the cover of International Gymnast Magazine.
  •    Featured in World Sports Acrobatics Magazine.
  •    Featured in Time/Life Books.
  •    Featured in Sports Acrobatics: Art or Sport? by Chukyo Shuppan.
  •    Featured in Japanese instructional Sports Acrobatic book.
  •    ​Featured in Various publications, newspapers and television in China, Russia, Japan, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, and the US.
Writing Credentials
  •    “If You Think You Can, You Can,” published in Chicken Soup for the Body & Soul.
  •    “The Inner Athlete” published in International Gymnast Magazine.
  •    “Art or Sport?” published in a nationwide newspaper Dancer. 
  •    “Sport Acrobatics” published in Dancer. 
  •    “Christine Van Loo” published in Acro Magazine
  •    “Cling” (poem) published in The Silence Within, in Letters from the Soul and in The Sound of Poetry (CD).
  •    ​“I Search” (poem) published in Noble House’s European anthology: Theatre of the Mind.
Special Skills
  •   Fluent in Spanish & Italian. Conversational in French.
  • ​  Acro-gymnastics — 2 person hand to hand, tosses, contortion & balancing positions.
  •   Aerial silks, Spanish web & aerial hammock — Acrobatic/contortion on fabric or a vertical rope
  •   Stationary Trapeze      
  •   Bungee      
  •   Harness Work