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Troupe Cherifian
the circus lagacy continues

The pyramids in Egypte are spectacular but the are not the only pyramids that can WOW the world
In the tiny town of Ifni,Marocco commes another type of pyramid. It is the human kind. It began in 1936 and whas originally called The seven Tigers of the Sahara,renamed the Ifni Sahara Troupe. Now six generations later the Troupe Cherifian continuesto dazzle audiences with acrobatics feats that feaw dare to attempt. From human pyramids to tumbling the Cherifian Troupe will bring their latest selection of acts to audience. We will even costumize our acts to your needs.Following the long traditions of Fatima Ben Ali, the acrobatic martriarch who began her career in 1946, the Cherifian Troupe brings it to the European audience world class entertainment. Performing in countries around the world the Cherifian Troupe is ready to bring WOW factor to your stage.
Its not just an act its a tradition.