Checkered Man

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    Oddity 99% Tatoos
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– 200+ magazines.
– 200+ newspapers.

– Ripley′s Believe it or Not! 1998

– Ripley′s Believe it or Not! Myrtle Beach 2012.

– Rikki Lake Show 2002
– Medical Incredible 2006
– CNN 2010
– Southern Comfort advertising 1995-2001 worldwide.


Every local media everywhere I visit. RTL television German twice. 25 years promoting rare birth defects in the media. Cheech & Chong,and Gabriel Iglesias joke about me in their acts. More projects happening weekly. And more….

THIS IS HOW HE LOOKS! HE IS %99 TATTOOED WITH A CHECKERBOARD PATTERN. HE IS CHECKERED. HIS EYEBALLS AND TONGUE ARE TATTOOED! HE HOLDS THE RECORD FOR MOST INTERNAL TATTOOS ON EARTH. HE IS THE MOST SHOCKING TATTOOED MAN IN HISTORY! He is the most tattooed person on this entire planet who will work nude in the media and has the tattoos to back up the claim of %99 tattooed.