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Imagine entering the room to find an unusual buzz of anticipation and expectation. The excitement starts well before the show, as much as weeks before! You hear questions circulating. Questions like, “Who’s going to be hypnotized?” “What will they do?” “Can I be hypnotized?”
As the much anticipated show time arrives, the audience learns a bit about hypnosis, and they try a few suggestibility tests from their seats in the audience. And then, the stage is opened for volunteers. You notice right away that CJ has stepped off to the side and immediately you know why…the stage is rushed with volunteers!!! The chairs on stage are filled and the show is on. You hold on for the ride – your best friend is on the stage.

You watch as CJ guides those on stage through a hypnotic induction. The audience follows along with amazement, and yes, sometimes skepticism, as the volunteers begin to drop their chins to their chest or rest their heads on the shoulder next to them. They try to open their eyes, but cannot — that is until CJ tells them to. The hilarity begins as the volunteers begin to take CJ’s suggestions. One guy believes he’s the Crocodile Hunter and wrestles with an inflatable pool toy he truly believes is an actual croc! The whole group is transported back in time to the era of disco. They become part of TV shows and movies, complete with body building championships and much, much more. One girl even forgets her own name. This has GOT to be a bunch of bull… but wait!! The girl who forgot her name is your best friend!

Motivational Mind Reading

It’s more than just a show. Motivational Mind Reading blends motivational and inspirational messages with mind blowing mentalism effects – making the messages more memorable and the mind reading more powerful. For the corporate world it’s the perfect combination.

The formula is usually 80% entertainment and 20% message, though C.J. will work with your group to meet your specific goals for the event.

His “Funda-MENTALs” program focuses on 5 key points for success in various areas of our lives. It draws attention to, and reinforces topics that we’ve all heard before, but may not be using to their full potential. As a serious “student of success” for more than 25 years, C.J. has read thousands of books, attended countless seminars and listened to thousands of hours of success and motivational audio programs – and the KEY POINTS that these programs seem to all have in common are the basis for this 1 hour excursion into the power of the human potential.

There has never been a time that mentalism (mind reading) has been more in the public consciousness. NBC’s Phenomenon, Derren Brown’s TV specials, Mindfreak and more have created some awareness about an art form that has been around for a long, long time, but that until recently had been ignored in the mainstream culture.

Take advantage of mentalism’s popularity and use C.J.’s experience of over 20 years to drive home messages at your event in a unique, novel and memorable way.

Of course, C.J. can present an “Evening of Mind Reading” without messages to give your group some great, intellectually stimulating and fun entertainment.

The C.J. Johnson Stand Up Show is an evening (or afternoon) of magic that lasts about 10 minutes to one hour.

When you’re looking for an entertaining magic program and your space and budget don’t have room for a full blown illusion show then stand up magic is the perfect solution. 

Stand up magic is done with smaller apparatus and is the type of show you would see in a comedy club.  There is lots of audience participation, comedy and great visual magic.  The routines in this show are unusual, and it’s highly unlikely that your audience will have seen these effects before as C.J. has searched high and low for unique effects that will intrigue and baffle audiences.

The audience will be amazed and will laugh hysterically at the magic they see in this show.  It’s an intimate show at a great price.  This show has almost no staging requirements and can be performed in almost any space or situation.  Shows can be anywhere between 10 minutes (or less) to an hour.

The C.J. Johnson Little Big Show is an evening (or afternoon) of magic that lasts about 35-50 minutes.

This show is appropriate for Corporate Banquets, church groups and smaller public venues. This is the show C.J. does when he performs at Magic Island in Houston — It’s very tight, high energy and every routine has been worked out in front of hundreds of audiences.

It has all the flavor of the full show at a smaller cost. The show includes 4-5 stage illusions, all chosen because of their strong visual nature and their relative lack of specific performing conditions or angles (though there are some restrictions).

Between the “big stuff” there is a LOT of comedy and good natured audience participation. We always treat those who assist in the show with the utmost respect and courtesy. There is no offensive or off color humor in any of C.J.’s programs.   This is a great show at a very competitive price.

The show is altered, in small ways, at each performance to fit the specific audience. It’s always entertaining, but the unique ability of C.J. & Co. to ad lib makes sure that it’s never the same show twice.

Strolling Magic
Magic in your hands!

Many people argue that the most magical moments happen one on one with a performer.  When you’re looking for magic in a more intimate environment such as a cocktail party, hospitality suite, trade show or dinner this is the style of magic you’re seeking.

Close up magic takes place within inches of the audience, or in their hands, making it, arguably, the most powerful type of magic.   Typically done with cards, coins, rubber bands and other ordinary objects this is a highly mobile act that can run from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Generally C.J. is booked for a 2 or 3 hour block of time during a dinner or occasionally at a trade show.

C.J.’s close up skills go far beyond that of knowing a couple of card tricks.  He blends his sense of humor, keen timing, years of experience entertaining audience, and a genuine love of people and natural charm to create a memorable experience of magic for the audience.  They’ll laugh as they are amazed beyond belief with close up miracles of magic that takes place right in their hands.

One thing is for sure, no one will confuse the effects performed by C.J. with those done by “Uncle Fred” at the family reunion. C.J. carefully selects material that is both astonishing and entertaining, but most importantly, he chooses material that is fun and in character with his fun loving spirit. Your guests will have FUN and be amazed.

Close up is an excellent (and inexpensive) addition to any evening stage magic show or hypnosis show and is a great way to let people know what to expect later in the evening.