Buck Wild

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Telly Cardaci, a performance artist who moved to New York City three weeks ago, jumped through lassos he kept spinning wildly. I’m here representing cowboys opposed to war,” he said.” THE NEW YORK TIMES, 8/31/04. For the last 13 years Telly Cardaci has pursued a life in variety arts, Telly has created an amazing political parody Wild West slapstick satire, “The Buck Wild Wild West Show.

This show appeared in on MTV, and Nickelodeon Television. Telly was also named best comic cowboy at the 2004 International Wild West Arts Convention.

Cardaci received the prestigious Will Rogers Memorial Association Award of, “Best Comedy cowboy” a second time in 2005 for his portrayal of Will Rogers in an act from his new show, “How the West Was Spun” which saw it’s 2006 World Premiere off Broadway in New York City and is now poised to perform all around the world sharing the Good Will Revolution!

Please paruse some of Telfair Cardaci’s other acts and shows Wild West Burlesque, Black Light Wild West Show, Acting, & singing cowboys. Booking now is available for your convenience!