Bobby Lee Black

  • Performance
    Character Actor
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6 foot 6 inches  260 lbs


 The Punisher- Actor/ Stunts
 Homeland Security- Supporting/Stunts (Fight Choreo)
 4 More Years- Supporting Lead (Green Screen)
 Concrete Liberation- Lead /Stunts (Fight Choreo)
 Limbo- Supporting Lead

 The Painless Dentist-Segment Primary/Stunts (Stunt Choreo)
Witness To Terror- Segment Supporting Lead/Stunts (Fight Choreo)
Tampa Bay Stepping out- Show Host

 No Opportunity Wasted Discovery TLC- Primary/Stunts (Stunt Choreo)
 Trading Spaces (TLC) Multi network Promo-Primary/Stunts (Stunt Choreo)
 Unwrapped Discovery TLC- Primary/Stunts (Fight Choreo)
 No More Reality TV (Hallmark) Multi Network Promo- Supporting
 PPV Instead Dish Network- Supporting/Stunts(Fight Choreo)
 Love Letters- Lead
 Eternal Rewards- Supporting Lead/Stunts
 Haunt Me Baby- Supporting Lead/Stunts (Stunt Choreo)
 Freaks- Lead/Stunts (Stunt Choreo)
 The Newcomer- Supporting lead/Stunts(Stunt Choreo, Director
 Extensive stunt and fight choreography; (5 years exp. as pro-wrestler, 4 years tae kwon do/aikido.)
 Considerable voice range and characters (2 Years exp. as radio broadcaster.)