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  • Fire & Circus Acts
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Available acts include:

 * Fire Eating – Fire Act
 * Fire Breathing – Fire Act
 * Poi – Fire Act
 * Contact Staff – Fire Act
 * Fans – Fire Act
 * Fingers – Fire Act
 * Rope Dart – Fire Act
 * Double Staff – Fire Act
 * Acrobalancing – Circus Act
 * Contact Juggling – Circus Act
 * Toss Juggling – Circus Act
 * Stilt Walking – Circus Act
 * Jumping Stilt Acrobatics – Circus Act
 * Plate Spinning – Circus Act
 * Mini-Bike – Circus Act
 * Unicycling – Circus Act
 * Ribbon Dancing – Circus Act
 * Mental Floss – Sideshow Act
 * Human Blockhead – Sideshow Act
 * Bed of Nails – Sideshow Act
Bacchanal Promotions is a fully insured entertainment company specializing in fire and circus arts. Based in the Detroit area, Bacchanal Promotions offers fire performance and other circus entertainment throughout the United States and Canada. We strive to deliver only the highest quality of entertainment, and offer a wide variety of unique and elegant acts for any setting. Available performances include fire breathing, fire eating, stilt walking, jumping stilt acrobatics, acrobalance, contact juggling, and many other fire and non-fire arts.
Bacchanal Promotions has provided our unique entertainment to all types of events from backyard family parties to professional sporting events, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, and everything in between. Our clients include Cirque Du Soleil, Aston Martin, Comcast, Primus, and hundreds more.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and variety, and have a strong core of performers from various performance-related fields, offering over TWENTY unique acts with only our 3 main performers. World-class guest performers are also available, making Bacchanal Promotions the perfect choice for all your entertainment needs.
Fire performance is one of our specialties, which we bring to a whole new level. We have 8 different fire acts including breathing, eating, spinning acts such as poi, and others which we utilize in our stage shows as well as strolling entertainment. We strictly adhere to the safety standards set by our insurance as well as the North American Fire Artists Association (NAFAA) guidelines, and have not had a single safety-related incident in well over 200 indoor and outdoor events since 2007.
Fire entertainment has a profound impact on the atmosphere of an event, and can add a unique element to many themes. Fire eating provides a seductive allure, while spinning acts such as poi, fans, staff, and rope-dart have an elegant beauty in their technical patterns. Fire breathing is of course the embodiment of power and energy.
In addition to fire, our performers are also masters in stilt performance. We don’t stop at simple stilt walking however; we offer two different types of unique stilt performances. Perfect for meet-and-greets, crowded areas, festivals and parades, we have traditional stilts which push us nearly 10ft in the air. Towering over crowds we mingle with event guests, greet guests upon entrance, juggle, and even dance. Our stilt costumes are bright and eye-catching, and work wonderfully in many event settings.
If being tall just isn’t enough, how about our jumping-stilt acrobats? Using spring-loaded stilts known as \”Powerbocks\”, our performers stand roughly 2ft taller than normal, and can jump more than 6ft off the ground! Acrobatic tricks and flips never fail to draw attention, and are perfect for grand-openings, product launches, and any event where large-scale high-energy entertainment is required.
For those looking for something a bit obscure, Bacchanal Promotions is the obvious choice. Our stylish and elegant sideshow acts are second-to-none, rendering audiences speechless from confusion, awe and delight. Though they may look like magic tricks, our performers truly put themselves in uncomfortable and dangerous situations for your entertainment. From the \”human blockhead\” to \”bed of nails\” and everything in between, all of our sideshow acts are quite real. Sideshow is the perfect way to spice up your next event, and ensure your guests are talking about it for years to come.
At Bacchanal Promotions we offer many types of circus entertainment, and have the experience and variety to build the perfect entertainment for your event. Whether it’s juggling, unicycling, stilts, fire, sideshow, or anything else, we’re here to ensure your event gets exactly what it needs. Call us today with your ideas, and we’ll make your dream event a reality!