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The three-performer version of the Top Hat Side Show includes more than 25 different acts, and features an illusionist and two variety artists specializing in various sideshow, fire, and circus acts. Upon request, we can customize the show by adding or replacing different performance styles, creating the perfect show for any event. Clients may choose any of our available acts to add to the show; please visit the available acts page for samples of the most popular acts. Shows can be scheduled with any number of performers, from a small single-performer show to a full-scale stadium production featuring dozens of performers.

Strolling Entertainment
In addition to the show itself, the Top Hat Side Show performers are also available before and after the event to provide roving acts throughout the event. Before the show, the performers can entertain while also adding hype and excitement for the upcoming production. After the show the performers can keep the high-energy atmosphere while giving guests a chance to meet the performers and ask questions. For longer events, performers can be scheduled for multiple shows with strolling in between sets, creating a continuous block of entertainment.

The Top Hat Sideshow is completely customizable to fit any event, and can be choreographed to any length from two hours or more down to even just a single 3 minute act. The standard three-performer show is approximately 90 minutes, and the four-performer version of the show is typically 90-120 minutes in length. For clients looking for multiple shows in a single day, we can arrange the show into multiple shorter shows to reduce or eliminate repeated acts.

Our festival package includes up to 8 hours of performance: three to five 30-45 minute shows with strolling entertainment between shows.

Available acts include:

 * Fire Eating – Fire Act
 * Fire Breathing – Fire Act
 * Poi – Fire Act
 * Contact Staff – Fire Act
 * Fans – Fire Act
 * Fingers – Fire Act
 * Rope Dart – Fire Act
 * Double Staff – Fire Act
 * Acrobalancing – Circus Act
 * Contact Juggling – Circus Act
 * Toss Juggling – Circus Act
 * Stilt Walking – Circus Act
 * Jumping Stilt Acrobatics – Circus Act
 * Plate Spinning – Circus Act
 * Mini-Bike – Circus Act
 * Unicycling – Circus Act
 * Ribbon Dancing – Circus Act
 * Mental Floss – Sideshow Act
 * Human Blockhead – Sideshow Act
 * Bed of Nails – Sideshow Act
Bacchanal Promotions is a fully insured entertainment company specializing in fire and circus arts. Based in the Detroit area, Bacchanal Promotions offers fire performance and other circus entertainment throughout the United States and Canada. We strive to deliver only the highest quality of entertainment, and offer a wide variety of unique and elegant acts for any setting. Available performances include fire breathing, fire eating, stilt walking, jumping stilt acrobatics, acrobalance, contact juggling, and many other fire and non-fire arts.
Bacchanal Promotions has provided our unique entertainment to all types of events from backyard family parties to professional sporting events, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, and everything in between. Our clients include Cirque Du Soleil, Aston Martin, Comcast, Primus, and hundreds more.
We pride ourselves on our professionalism and variety, and have a strong core of performers from various performance-related fields, offering over TWENTY unique acts with only our 3 main performers. World-class guest performers are also available, making Bacchanal Promotions the perfect choice for all your entertainment needs.
Fire performance is one of our specialties, which we bring to a whole new level. We have 8 different fire acts including breathing, eating, spinning acts such as poi, and others which we utilize in our stage shows as well as strolling entertainment. We strictly adhere to the safety standards set by our insurance as well as the North American Fire Artists Association (NAFAA) guidelines, and have not had a single safety-related incident in well over 200 indoor and outdoor events since 2007.
Fire entertainment has a profound impact on the atmosphere of an event, and can add a unique element to many themes. Fire eating provides a seductive allure, while spinning acts such as poi, fans, staff, and rope-dart have an elegant beauty in their technical patterns. Fire breathing is of course the embodiment of power and energy.
In addition to fire, our performers are also masters in stilt performance. We don’t stop at simple stilt walking however; we offer two different types of unique stilt performances. Perfect for meet-and-greets, crowded areas, festivals and parades, we have traditional stilts which push us nearly 10ft in the air. Towering over crowds we mingle with event guests, greet guests upon entrance, juggle, and even dance. Our stilt costumes are bright and eye-catching, and work wonderfully in many event settings.
If being tall just isn’t enough, how about our jumping-stilt acrobats? Using spring-loaded stilts known as \”Powerbocks\”, our performers stand roughly 2ft taller than normal, and can jump more than 6ft off the ground! Acrobatic tricks and flips never fail to draw attention, and are perfect for grand-openings, product launches, and any event where large-scale high-energy entertainment is required.
For those looking for something a bit obscure, Bacchanal Promotions is the obvious choice. Our stylish and elegant sideshow acts are second-to-none, rendering audiences speechless from confusion, awe and delight. Though they may look like magic tricks, our performers truly put themselves in uncomfortable and dangerous situations for your entertainment. From the \”human blockhead\” to \”bed of nails\” and everything in between, all of our sideshow acts are quite real. Sideshow is the perfect way to spice up your next event, and ensure your guests are talking about it for years to come.
At Bacchanal Promotions we offer many types of circus entertainment, and have the experience and variety to build the perfect entertainment for your event. Whether it’s juggling, unicycling, stilts, fire, sideshow, or anything else, we’re here to ensure your event gets exactly what it needs. Call us today with your ideas, and we’ll make your dream event a reality!
Sword Swallowing
The most exclusive, difficult, and dangerous of all circus sideshow acts, sword swallowing is the act of ingesting a solid steel blade down through the mouth and into the stomach of the performer. Bacchanal Promotions’ own Andrew D’Ascenzo is Michigan’s ONLY true sword swallower, one of only a few dozen in the world.

Bed of Nails
Our pain-proof performer lies unprotected on the sharpened points of hundreds of steel spikes. As if that isn’t dangerous enough, a concrete block is then smashed on his body, plunging him deeper into the spikes.

This high-impact act is available in stage performances including the Top Hat Side Show.

Human Blockhead
Going beyond ordinary fingers, human blockheads will stick all sorts of things into their noses. From nails to spoons, straws to balloons, nothing is too bizarre for these nasal sword swallowers.This act packs light, and is available in any of our stage productions as well as during strolling entertainment. Perfect for any occasion when you want your audience unsure whether to applaud or cringe.

Glass Eating
No gimmicks, no tricks, this performer actually eats a REAL lightbulb, on stage for your entertainment. Due to the danger involved, very few performers ever attempt this stunt, instead opting for the safer “sugar glass” gaffe. Make no mistake, this is exactly as horrifying as it sounds.

Grinder / Sparks
A unique act where burlesque takes a turn to the extreme. Burlesque dancers create a shower of sparks with an angle grinder just millimeters from their bare skin. Watch as the sparks rain down on the performer in a death-defying spectacle.

The “escape” is a classic in traditional sideshow, and is reinvented in the Top Hat Side Show to be impressive as well as whimsical and comedic.
For special events and media events, large-scale escapes are available using cranes, vehicles, and other props.

Fire Fans
A great act combining the technical detail of poi, the scale of having many torches lit at once, and the grace of a fan dance. Fire fans spin and pose equally well, making them a unique way to showcase fire performance.

Fire Staff
When looking for high energy circus entertainment, it is difficult to top the rapid spins and high throws of a fire staff performance. Fire staff (and its variations: contact staff, dragon staff and double staff) are fast and intense, providing a jaw-dropping visual experience for the audience.

This act is also very flexible, and can be adjusted to allow for a small performance in a small space, or to fill a large open stage with grand movements and high tosses.

Fire Poi
The most technical and difficult fire act is fire poi, involving swinging two chains in intricate patterns around the performer’s body. While spinning mere inches from the face, as well as behind the back and between legs, a successful poi performance requires extreme precision and unparalleled spacial awareness. Bacchanal Promotions’ performers have been performing and teaching fire poi far longer than any other company in Michigan, and have helped shape the rapidly growing community of fire artists.

Fire eating is the act of an entertainer placing a lit torch into the mouth, and then manipulating the flame with various effects and additional torches. Fire eating is of of the most popular fire acts, and our performers offer the most technical and elegant performances of this beautiful performance.
Fire eating is incredibly versatile, and can be performed safely in almost any setting, indoors or outside.
One of the most high impact acts of any circus performance is fire breathing. The performer breathes aspirated fuel from his mouth and into a lit torch, creating a breathtaking blast of flame that can reach up to 25 feet in the air.
This act is a great finale, and is featured in most of our outdoor stage productions.

Stilt Walking:
Tall peg stilts pushing the performer to heights of 10ft and more. Charismatic characters dance, pose for photos, walk over unsuspecting victims, and juggle. Stilt Walking is a perfect family act fun for the whole family!

Jumping Stilt Acrobatics:
This high flying act is great for parades and other large outdoor events. Jumping more than 6ft in the air and performing tricks and flips, these performers
Available Cirque & Circus Acts From traditional classics to modern styles, Bacchanal Promotions is Michigan’s premier source for all things circus.

Variety Artists
Many of our strolling entertainers offer many different circus acts, and even a single performer can provide more than a dozen unique and spectacular acts at a single event. Acts vary with each performer, but typically include all of the following acts and more: Stilt Walking, Juggling, Contact Juggling, Fire Performances, Plate Spinning, and others.

Aerial entertainment is a graceful and powerful display of elegance and strength. Known for its prominence in modern Cirque shows, performers hang, swing, and spin from the ceiling in elaborate choreographies. Many disciplines are available, from classic silks, lyra, and trapeze to unique aerial apparatuses such as aerial chain, strap, and hammock.

Aerialists are available for stage productions and/or ambient entertainment.

One of the most popular circus acts throughout history, juggling is a classic for a reason. Our jugglers are at the peak of technical skill as well as audience interaction. Whether they’re juggling balls, clubs, knives, torches, or rubber chickens, they’ll always make it fun for everyone.

Relatively new to the circus world is the field of object manipulation. Consisting of contact juggling, isolation hoop, spinning cube, club swinging, and other unique props, object manipulation is a combination of juggling and pantomime.

These acts are sophisticated and entertaining for all ages, making them perfect for adding playful charm to adult-centered events, or a touch of elegance to family events.

Contortionists / Hand Balancers
Bending into impossible poses, contortionists redefine the limits of human flexibility. Adding hand balancing and acrobatics, they create a sense of awe and wonder. Though popular at Cirque theme events, contortionists and hand balancers are an amazing addition to any event.

A fast-paced offering by our variety artists, unicycles are great for quickly moving through a large crowd as well as performances in parades and festival midways. Unicycle tricks as well as juggling while riding add a fun and whimsical quality to family events.


We are proud to offer the largest variety of unique entertainment options in the Mid West.
“Fango” the Nightmare Clown

Horror personified, Fango is a dangerous blend of edgy, witty, grotesque, and hilarious. While perfect for Halloween and Dark Carnival themes, this insane character has even more impact where he’s least expected (he’s quite charming at corporate Christmas parties!)

Fango is available as a solo act or as part of the Top Hat Side Show.

Caricature Artists
Live portraits are a unique solution to bringing a personal touch to any event, from extravagant galas to small private events. Caricature artists playfully exaggerate certain features, while still masterfully capturing the likeness of each guest. Caricatures are a great conversation piece, and allowing guests to leave with a piece of professional art creates a lasting impression.

One of the most versatile entertainers is the magician, who can provide wonder and amazement to anyone in nearly any setting. Our magicians are masters of their craft, innovating new and unique magic not available anywhere else.

Perfect for any event from the smallest kids birthday party to the most elegant gala, magicians are always a hit, and our magicians are the most talented, unique, and reliable

Human Statues
Bridging the gap between entertainment and art, our living statues are a wonder to behold. With slow, graceful transitions, or sudden well-timed movement, human statues are surprising, unique, and create a sense of elegance and sophistication wherever they are found.

Body Art
Henna body art is a traditional practice going back thousands of years. Using an all natural paste made with henna leaves, designs stain the skin a natural tone between orange and brown, and lasts approximately 10-14 days after application.
Henna art is a great addition to all types of events, and individual appointments can also be made for large high-detail designs.

Balloon Twister
Much more than swords and hats, our twisters create works of inflated art sure to dazzle kids of all ages. From favorite characters to exotic animals, these balloons are so creative even adults want to get in on the fun!

Balloon decor is also available, including arches, columns, centerpieces, and many others.

Bike Stunt Teams
When your event calls for something huge and high energy, stunt crews such as a professional BMX team or even the extra high-flying motocross riders are a great way to make sure everything is huge.

These elements are scalable from a single ramp to full tournament-style BMX/skate courses.
Equestrian / Horse Vaulting

A classic circus element featuring the energy and skill of acrobatics combined with the breathtaking beauty and of horses.

Unique Animals
We offer a wide variety of animal entertainment, from traditional petting zoos to exotics like kangaroos, alligators and camels.

Belly Dancers
From traditional caberet to modern tribal fusion, we offer the most respected and talented belly dancers in the industry. Many styles and props are available, including swords, snakes, veils and skirts.

Burlesque Dancers
For events looking to add an adult spin on the entertainment without losing elegance or class, burlesque dancers are the perfect choice. Available as single acts or as part of the Top Hat Side Show, burlesque dancers add tasteful allure while fitting in perfectly with other acts.

Custom LED Picture Poi
This act is totally new and features cutting edge technology to dazzle audiences with custom images written in the sky. The advertising and entertainment possibilities for this act are limited only by your imagination; they can be used to attract attention for grand openings, feature company logos for unique corporate entertainment, and much more.