An Act of Gravity Defiance

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    Glass Balls Act, contact juggler, magician, fire spinner
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Richard Hartnell’s performance of ball contact showcases the fluidity and etherealness particular to the art. Originating in the Pacific Northwest and residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, this sphere charming contact juggler has shocked and amazed audiences on stages and streets, and in clubs and parlors between Seattle and San Francisco, Bourbon Street and Black Rock City.

Strongly influenced by the San Francisco spinning community, Richard dazzles with a repertoire of innovative manipulations and rock-solid isolations. His street resume includes destinations such as Fisherman’s Wharf and Jackson Square; stage appearances include the Dream Science Circus, Hellzapoppin, and the New Old Time Chautauqua. Now, Richard Hartnell boasts a nationally renowned caliber of skill in the art of contact juggling, and has been headhunted by promoters in all four corners of the United States.
 Performance credits include:
 VAUDEVILLINGHAM (March 2008 – Dec 2009)
 Regular performance in a monthly variety show in Bellingham, WA
 Twenty-show run with a five-year-old circus production in Bellingham, WA
 AQUA CHAUTAUQUA 2 (July & August 2009)
 A three-week circus tour of the Salish Sea; three to five shows per week
 As well as, but not limited to:
 Bellingham Juggling Festival Public Show – Oct 2008 (Bellingham, WA)
 Dinner and D-Light! – March/April/May 2009 (Bellingham, WA)
 SANCA 5th Anniversary Gala – June 2009 (Seattle, WA)
 PNW Juggling Festival Renegade Show – April 2009 (Corvallis, OR)
 A Toy Shop Dreams – Aug 2009 (Seattle, WA)
 Hellzapoppin – Aug 2009 (Portland, OR)
 Black Market Boutique Opening Gala – Oct 2009 (Bellingham, WA)
 Sea of Dreams – NYE 2010 (San Francisco, CA)
 Herbst Theater Lower Lounge – Jan 2010 (San Francisco, CA)
 Supperclub SF – Feb 2010 (San Francicso, CA)
 The Flow Show 2 – April 2010 (San Francisco, CA)