Alexander and Evgenia

  • Performance
    Dance Quick Change. Adagio. Aerialist Silks. Lyra.
 The energy, excitement and talent never end!!
 “Everything they do is thrilling and amazes the audience…”
 -Jim Stafford
 “They are amazing performers…”
 -Carol Lawrence
 Alexander and Evgenia Urazov are world-class adagio team but that’s not where their artistry ends. They succeeded in striking a harmonious balance between their three areas of expertise: the fine arts, elite sports, and the circus. They have been recognized for over ten years as preeminent performers, both in Russia, and abroad.
 Alexander and Evgenia received numerous awards and honors including a prestigious title “Laureate of International Dance”, recognizing that they are among the very best and most talented in their field of performance.
 In 1999 they were nominated and in 2001 and 2002 they were awarded “Best Dancers of the Year” by the All American Entertainment Award.
 Alexander and Evgenia have been featured on numerous international TV and radio stations. They have successfully produced, directed and choreographed several shows in Russia and the United States.
 They performed with America’s favorite Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff, virtuoso pianist Dino Kartsonakis, world famous “Bolshoi Ballet”, “Moiseyev State Academic Dance Company”, “Moscow State Filamonia”, etc.
 Past six years they have been appearing with critically acclaimed as the “Victor Borge of the Guitar”, famous for his million-selling records, “Spiders and Snakes”, “Cow Patty”, and the infamous “My Girl Bill”, stand-up comedian Jim Stafford.
 The husband and wife variety dance team of Alexander and Evgenia have traveled the world thrilling the audiences from Paris to Toronto, from Las Vegas to Branson. Innovation and extraordinary talent make them a one of a kind act throughout the world.
 2010 Guest Entertainers: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
 2010 Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Branson, MO
 2004- 2010 Headliners: The Jim Safford show Branson, MO
 Producer: Jim Stafford
 2003-2004 Headliners: Atlanta Balalaika Society Orchestra Atlanta, GA
 Director: David Cooper
 2006 Headliners: The Jim Stafford Show (Orleans Hotel and Casino) Las Vegas, NV
 Producer: Jim Stafford
 2004 Principal Dancer: Dino’s Christmas Show (Alexander) Branson, MO
 Producer: Dino Kartsonakis
 1999-2003 Dancers/ Adagio/ Dance Capitan: The Jim Stafford Show Branson, MO
 Producer: Jim Stafford
 1999-2002 Principal Dancers/ Pas de Deux: The Yakov Smirnoff Show Branson, MO
 Producer: David Hershi
 1999-2004 Principal Dancers: Moscow State Filarmonia
Moscow, Russia
 1999-2003 Principal Dancers: Russian Dance Ensemble “Neva” San Francisco, CA
 1998 Principal Dancers: The Snow Maiden Show Toronto, Canada
 Director: Iolanta Van Arden
 1998 Dancers/Actors: The Vasil Terkin Gala Show Moscow, Russia
 Director: Lev Golovanov
 1998 Principal Dancers: Opening Show for 1st Children Olympic Games Moscow, Russia
 Director: Igor Moiseev
 1997 Dancers/ Actors: 850 Moscow Anniversary Gala Show “Our Ancient Capital” Moscow, Russia Producer: Andrey Konchalovsky
 1996 Principal Dancers: Igor Moseev’s 90th Show Moscow, Russia
 1995-1996 Principal Dancers: Toured with “Moscow State Academic Dance Ensemble” Spain, France
 1993-1994 Principal Dancers: Toured with Dance Ensemble”Spring Dawns” France, Italy
 1996 Dancers/Actors: The Kremlin Place Christmas Shows Moscow, Russia
 Director: Petr Kovalev
 1996 Principal Dancers: 300th Navy Anniversary Show Moscow, Russia
 Director: Lev Kulikov (The Red Square)
 1995 Dancers: 50th World War II Victory Anniversary Show Moscow, Russia
 Director: Lev Kulikov (The Red Square)
 1994-1999 Principal Dancers: “Moscow State Academic Dance Ensemble” Moscow, Russia
 1992-1994 Principal Dancers: Dance Ensemble “School Years” Moscow, Russia
 1992-1995 Principal Dancers: Dance Ensemble “Spring Dawns” Moscow, Russia
 Festivals, Concerts:
 2000-2003 Principal Dancers: “Russian Festival” San Francisco, CA
 Director: Nadine Howard
 2003 Principal Dancers: “International Ethnic Dance Festival” San Francisco, CA
 Director: Vladimir Riazantsev
 2003 Principal Dancers: “Ethnic Dance Festival” Tampa, FL
 Director: Lynn McConnell
 2003 Principal Dancers: Concerts in Colleges with “Troika Balalaika”
 Producer: Lynn McConnell; Director: David Cooper St.Petersburg,FL; Atlanta, GA; Tampa, FL; Boise,ID; Sheboygan,WI
 2005 Principal Dancers: Road Shows with Jim Stafford
 in Ohio
 Film, Television and Special Appearances
 2009 Veterans special event Branson, MO
 2005-2010 TV-Special Commercials for Jim Stafford show Branson, MO
 1999-2004 TV-Special Commercials for Yakov Smirnoff show Branson, MO
 2002 Landers Theatre
 1999&2000 Official Miss USA Entertainment Events Branson, MO
 1998 Featured Dancers in “Dancer’s Time” a movie directed by Vadim Abdrashitov. Moscow, Russia
 “Dancer’s Time” was awarded “Picture of the Year” in the Russian Academy Awards (KINOTAVR).
 “Dancer’s Time” was also awarded “Best Script”, “Best Supporting Actor” at the NIKA awards.
 We have several acts:
 Aerial Silks – sparking revolution in high-flying aerial movements where the acrobatic feats in motion somewhere between the Earth and sky, achieved the fluidity of ballet.
 Dancing dolls – comedy act brings people joy, smiles and laughter from their heart and the show stopping originality makes this act special and unique.
 Adagio Act – gives the opportunity to push the envelope of emotional expression through acrobatic dance movement and take the adventure even further, to leave out the dreams and especially to never stop believing in those dreams.
 Russian Souvenir – the hidden language of the soul. While they are dancing, they are telling the story of the hundreds of years of Russian history. Evgenia in bright red dress is spinning on the ground so fast she is almost impossible to see. Alexander, more like an acrobat than a dancer, in his traditional belted tunic fly into the air with his legs wide apart and his fingers touching his toes. This act is a true celebration of life!!!