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Get Ready for a fun-filled show with puppetry, comedy Magic, crazy balloon sculpturing & tons of audience participation.

See Wacky Alex amaze and amuse children of all ages in his wacky fun show.

Having performed numerous shows around the region, Wacky Alex has developed a great rapport with children and has the incredible ability to keep them amused throughout his fast paced show.

Incorporating other performing arts (Ventriloquism, Clowning and Balloon Sculpturing) into a Magic show, you can be guaranteed a Magic show of difference.

In fact, it is almost like having 4 different shows in one!

With lots of audience participation and comedy, everyone will be roaring with laughter as they ‘help’ Wacky Alex accomplish all the Magic.

Throughout the fun and colorful show, Wacky Alex creates many hilarious situations with his wild antics to entertain children and adults alike.

Finally to reward them for their help during the show, Wacky Alex will give the children meter-long balloons that are transformed into various shapes of animals to take home.

Definitely a show that will be remembered long after it is over!

A typical Wacky Alex Fun Show includes:

-Puppetry / Ventriloquism
-Comedy Magic
-Tons Of Audience Participation
-Educational Messages
-Balloon Sculpturing
-Bucket Loads Of FUN!

Quality Is Not Expensive, It’s PRICELESS!
Your Guests Certainly Deserve The Best!



It’ll feel as though Alex teleports your audience right to the cabaret stages of Las Vegas and melds livestock like doves alongside grand-scale illusions into a seamless spectacle that is a visual extravaganza and is pure dynamite entertainment!

You’ll witness unbelievable and downright ‘impossible’ stuff like how:

Alex’s assistant gets sucked into a vortex known as the 4th dimension and becomes totally invisible to the naked eye.

Alex forms a web with rope and as impossible as it sounds, he passes right through it.

Alex gets a member of the audience to perform the “World Most Dangerous Card Trick”.
Hint: It’ involves a GUN!

Alex makes a lady defy the laws of gravity!

Alex gets a member of the audience to test out his very dangerous guillotine. Someone might just go losing his head!

Alex makes an entire cage of doves visually ‘melt’ into thin air!

Alex perform Houdini’s most famous illusion, “Metamorphosis” FASTER and WAY BETTER than the way Houdini performed it.

And WAY too much to list over here.


Well, without boasting or bragging, Alex is the FIRST and ONLY Magical Mask Changer or Bian Lian Master in Singapore and his Magical Mask Changing or better known as Bian Lian Act is hands-down guaranteed to bring forth gasps of amazement from your audience.

You’ll be totally gob smacked when you realize just how impossible this act is when you watch the Opera Mask that Alex dons undergo a series of radical transformations in FULL view!

Alex’s incredible Magical Mask Change or Bian Lian Act is truly an exclusive treat for your audience as the art of ‘mask changing’ has been jealously guarded by the Chinese National Government as a National Secret and has been shrouded in mystery for years.

From a purely technical standpoint, Alex stands head and shoulders over the ‘other guys’ because he goes though at least 9 mask changes in his act whereas the wannabes limp along with 3 to 7 changes.

What really leaves his competitors biting his dust though, is his uncanny ability to revert to a masked state at the blink of an eye even though he is totally bare faced.

This elusive technique represents the pinnacle of his achievement in the arena of Magical Mask Changing and truly has to be seen to be believed!


It’s not uncommon to see kids squealing and sometimes almost screaming in laughter.

Howls of protests can also be heard when Poof! The Magical Clown leads the kids down the ‘garden path’.

You’ll witness firsthand how kids can react in totally unfathomable ways.

Kids simply LOVE and are totally entertained by the wacky, comedic antics of Poof! The Magical Clown and it’s easy to see why.

Combining ventriloquism, balloon sculpting, clowning and magic, the innovative act of Poof ! The Magical Clown is truly set apart from run of the mill ‘kid’s performers’ because of his core mission in seeking to EDUCATE through entertainment.

But get this. Kids actually learn important lessons in life from the vibrant and colorful performance of Poof! The Magical Clown while they are thoroughly entertained and kept on their toes.
Poof! The Magical Clown truly delivers kid’s entertainment on ‘steroids’

Poof! The Magical Clown Magic & Balloon Show includes:
-Funny Clowning
-Puppetry / Ventriloquism
-Comedy Magic
-Audience Participation
-Educational Messages
-Balloon Sculpturing
-Bucket Loads Of FUN!


Like Tinker Bell, it seems to take on a life of it’s own, vanishing and reappearing in the weirdest places.

Finally, the omniscient coin VISIBLY inflates up to twenty times it’s original size into a jumbo coin on steroids which can then be freely examined.

Wouldn’t you agree that if all the above were to take place right under your nose rather than a mere description in print, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget?

What if… you were able to bring this truly magical experience to your business associates and clients for your next hospitality suite, cocktail reception or other promotional events?

This is amazing magic that happens within arm’s reach and takes place right under your nose. Magic you can feel, touch, and experience PERSONALLY.

That’s what Alex’s Close Up Magic is all about.

Shrieks of sheer delight, howling laughter, gasps of total amazement and the looks of total astonishment are just some of the ‘side effects’ Alex’s Close Up Magic has on people, and if you’re looking for the ultimate intimate magical experience, you simply cannot go wrong with Alex’s Close Up Magic.

Performed for the following:

Mediacorp Studio
Mediacorp Channel 8
Northeast Community Development Council
Singapore Armed Forces
Republic Of Singapore Air force
Development Bank Of Singapore
United Overseas Bank
Standard Charter Bank
Takashimaya S.C.
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Sime Darby
Bureau Veritas
Indiam Micro

GT Tyres
Imperial Tobacco
Ssangyong Motors
Planet Hollywood
Hard Rock Café
General Motors
NTUC Income
Cycle And Carriage
Asian Steel Co. Ltd
Creative Technology
California Fitness Center
Escape Theme Park
Wild Wild Wet
Snow City
Downtown East
Schaefler Group
Chiyoda Integre Co.
GT & T Agency
Daiwa Securities
Leica Geosystems Technologies
Japanese Association Of Singapore
Arab Association
Singapore Recreation Club
Raffles Town Club
American Club
British Club
Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Jurong Bird Park
Singapore Bus Services
Castrol Lubricants

And more…