Air Faiery

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    Aerialist, lyra, silks,
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Ashtanga Yoga-advanced training, Pilates Synchronized Swimming-K-W Synchro Club
Gymnastics-K-W  Gymnastics Club



TokyoCyberMonster Party – guest performer-aerial silks
Lab Sessions 2.0- Idols and Icons- duet on hoop and silks with Kousha Nakhaei
Son/Lumiere 2- aerial silks/duet with Holoscene
Wild At Heart Benefit- aerial silk soloist, duet silks with Holoscene
Lunacy Cabaret -aerial silk artist
L.EA.F.- Tree Dancer for Leslie Grove Park Festival -silk aerial dancer
The Lab Sessions 1.0 – Nodes and Naughty Codes- Duet with original score for aerialist with The Parkdale Revolutionary  Orchestra
Send a Clown to Russia -Aerial soloist (silks)
Personal Trainer- Toronto, Ontario-Aerial/Dance Coach

RAISE!1-2 -Aerial silk artist
Sean Debidin Productions -Aerial silks soloist for corporate events
Toronto Aerial Dance Theater-Aerial performer for  Ffida Dance Festival, Junction Festival etc.(soloist and choreographer)
Personal Trainer- Toronto, Ontario-Aerial/Dance Coach


Trapezium-Montreal Quebec aerial-circus teacher

The Sphinx Nightclub, Montreal, Que. -Dancer And Aerial Artist

Club Med -Montreal, Que.- Featured Silks Aerial Artist

“Ekko Keiko”, Montreal Que-choreographer Natalie Fitzpatrick-dancer

“Innocence”, Montreal, Que.- choreographed Kassandra Madil

Comedy House, Vancouver B.C.-Improvisational Dance Theater

L’Amiboisme”, Montreal Que-University du Quebec a Montreal

The Electric Ballroom – dancer/choreographer

Madhatter, London, UK-Improvisational theater-cabaret

Spilt Milk Comedy Troupe, Victoria, B.C.-Troupe Actor

The Red Sisters”, Montreal Que. Montreal Que-Concordia University
“The King and I”, Kitchener Ont-Siamese child, and dancer

Can Fit Pro-Personal Trainer Specialist-Certified July 2007
ISIS-International School of Interdisciplinary Studies -Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma
University du Quebec a Montreal -B.A. in dance (Linda Rabin, Silvie Pinard)
l’atelier de dance a Montreal-Performance training program (Robin Collier, Paul Wagner, Anne LeBeau)
Concordia University -B.A. Maj. Psychology
Bluevale Collegiate institute – O.S.S.D


Aerial Instruction – Montreal, Que. Jacinthe  Trembley  (E.N.C)
Contact dance, Montreal, Que.- Andrew Harwood
Foundation Jean-Pierre Perrault Professional Classes- Montreal, Que. AnneBruce Falconer   Ballet  Classique de Montreal – (Vaganovna) -Lubeka
Ballet Divertimento, Montreal, Que- Jazz with Don Jordan, Phillip Cole
Kokokoro Dance, Vancouver, B.C.- Barbara Bouget, Jay Hirabayashi
London Contemporary Dance School London- Kerry Knicholls etc…
Laban Center, London U.K.-Intensive with Laurie Booth
Linda Raino Dance, Victoria, B.C.- Modern, and contact
Charlottetown Festival School, P.E.I.