999 Eyes Freakshow

The real modern day freakshow: Living Human Oddities, Medical Anomalies!

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One of the last and only true genetic freak shows.
A carnival troupe with bizarre oddities.

The 999 EYES Sideshow have performed at a variety of venues, from huge festivals to art colleges. They have played as main stage attractions at Burning Man, San Francisco’s How to Destroy the Universe Festival, Seattle’s Carnival Reverie, Cyclecide’s Bicycle Rodeo, and the Spokane Art College. They’ve done midway style shows at the Phoenix Festival, Autonomous Mutant Festival, Dead Baby Bike Club’s Race Day, played Seattle’s infamous after hours club the Contour, a special weekend of shows at Eugene, Or flair bartending school the Premium Pour, Jules Mayes (the oldest bar in Seattle), Amnesia Bar in San Francisco, and many more venues.

They have also appeared in several newspapers and magazines up and down the west coast, films and television. Even as you read this, their inestimable freak agent Samantha X is scouring the world in search of true Carnival freaks with talents that amaze!

They are bringing this sideshow of endless dream to a few select cities and towns this year.

ATTRACTIONS Samantha X’s and H. Burns’ Museum Ov Mutantstrosities harkens back to the glory days of the dime museums and of Coney Island, when people with unique genetic anomalies set themselves up as living displays of grotesqueries for consumption by the straight world.

—Thee 999 EYES vaudevillian freakshow is the last genuine traveling freakshow in the United States – or the first in over 40 years to feature more than three LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES such as the half woman, the dancing dwarf, lobster girl, the Black Scorpion (our very own lobster boy). The 999 EYES authentic human oddities freakshow tours an authentic oddities museum, Lowrent the clown, and a dark carnival jug band -That Damned Band.

—The 999 EYES authentic human oddities freakshow explicitly celebrates real genetic diversity by showcasing amazing feats performed by LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES! The freaks share real stories of what it is like to be born truly different from the average 10-fingered and 10-toed genetic blueprint for humanity – giving folks from all corners a chance to realize that what is different in beautiful. We present as guests Human Marvels and Sideshow artists, such as Katzen the Tiger Lady and Great Gozleone the Sword Swallower for their wondrous sideshow skills. In the 999 EYES show, one must be born physically and obviously different from the vast majority of humanity to be considered a true freak. Freaks are performers who choose by their own free will to celebrate their medical anomaly on stage. The 999 EYES supports rights for differently-abled people, and we play only in wheelchair accessible venues.

—By acknowledging carnival sideshow history the 999 EYES empowers communities with alluring, inventive, and fearless displays of imagination and dream! The 999 EYES show not only provides a place for roving gypsy carnival performers and “human curiosities” to express their art but also provides an environment which revives and highlights the great performers and freaks of the past – and their true life stories! Using olde-tyme music, vaudevillian skits, story telling as well as classic carnival sideshow acts and performance, a world is created that taps into profound emotion, reminding the AUDIENCE of the actualization of the living dream. The 999 EYES brings the AUDIENCE into a world where the strange and bizarre are beautiful. At the same time, this gives the “human curiosities” of the modern age a venue to be truly appreciated once again – celebrating real genetic diversity.

—Lost in time, hidden in the dark corners and in the dusty shelves of old book stores, in the basements of libraries and museums, lies the fabulous, fantastical history of the carnival sideshow – a time when the differently formed were glamorized as part of a traveling caravan and not locked up in institutions. A time when there was a place and venue for amazing performers to come together in a gypsy caravan style and change the atmosphere of the town around them – reminding people there is another way of life and relieving people of their daily routines – reminding them of the power of magic and imagination. The roots of radical artistic movements of today are deeply intertwined with the carnival sideshows of the past…

—The 999 EYES is a collaborative carnival art troupe is co-created with many fabulous individuals – LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES, musicians, magicians, sideshow artists, clowns, writers, experts – each of which works on the troupe’s routines, props, banners, and costumes together. Each show is co-created, with input from the freaks as well as everyone else. 999 EYES tours selectively, sometimes displaying the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, an authentic American Dime Museum, complete with Patches the two-headed cow, pickled punks, oddities from around the world, and displays that tell the history of the freak show.

—The 999 EYES show is suitable for all ages and contains no blatant vulgarity or explicit sexual content. It is available to all ages, recreating the world one freakshow at a time – awakening the collective subconscious to a world where the strange and bizarre are beautiful.




the Modern-Day Elephant Man

Ken “Peg-O the Leg-O” lives with a genetic condition known as Neurofibro-matosis, or NF for short. He lives with little lumps and bumps all over his body, from the tip of his head to the tops of his toes. Pegleg’s story is an inspirational triumph over adversity.

Born in 1895, inflicted with the genetic disorder NF to the point of having one leg removed, Pegleg traveled the freakshow circuit. He stayed on until 1935 when scientists, whose goal it was to kill the freakshow for social control, stole him from the midway to experiment on and study him to prove that his condition was that of a sick human and not of a Fabulous Freak… because funding for the project was cut they decided to freeze him until more funds could be obtained. The funding never came and Poor Pegleg was forgotten…

Until one day a kindly showoman snuck into the basement of a medical anomalies laboratory. Her initial goal was to obtain a two-headed baby for her show, but it was there that she then discovered the man frozen. After defrosting Pegleg she set out to help him in his mission of revenge on the scientists who are still trying to destroy the freakshow Museum ov Mutantstrosities by institutionalizing, exploiting and abusing freaks for medical answers and experimentation…

Peg-O the Leg-O is “Eye-Live”, living and breathing, on stage in our show and on the inside of the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, or at the door taking tickets. As seen on T.V. in National Geographic’s “Taboo”, Channel 7 news El Paso, and in Hollywood




Performance Art Genius! TIME magazine said so! (NO THEY DID NOT.)

“Why would I steal three jokes from you when I have hours of material?” -Dane Cook

“Not in my America.” -Randy Quaid

“I don’t care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.” -Groucho Marx

“He’s everything I would want my son to be if he’d turned out like that.” -Geriatric Caucasian Lady

Like an arrow ripping through the larynx, the Black Scorpion burst onto the sideshow scene, sending shock waves of panic throughout the metal folding chair industry.

After his stint doing “time,” out and on probation, the Black Scorpion has returned, prepared to make it rain (if and only if by “rain” you mean cry) because he will most likely make it “rain” real hard, possible flooding.

See the modern day Cupid live and on stage with Ballyhoo Betty and the 999 Eyes Freakshow and Surreal Sideshow, before the “care facility” realizes he is gone.

Hammer Hands, 5/3 Questions, “Die-Hard” Glass Walking, Balloon Swallow, Electric Chair, Handcuff Escapes, Self Tying Shoelaces, as well as the Black Scorpion Puppet

Antone’s (TX), Liberty Lunch (TX), SUNY Purchase College (NY), California Institute of Abnormal Art (LA), Maxine’s (AR), Asbury Lanes, (NJ).

National Geographic’s “Taboo”, Bizarre Magazine, the Documentary “the Last American Freak Show”, the Travel Channel, Rue Morgue Magazine, Spirit (Southwest Airlines in-flight Magazine)

For more of the Black Scorpion’s media & opinions, visit his campaign web site:




Vlad (French for “Tickler”) rose to fame in the 1900s thanks to the popularization of the lunch/dinner cereal, “Cinnamon Rings.” He seemingly vanished from the public eye for over 100 years until his sudden return to the world stage, investing his entire fortune into a supposed “time travelling” sideshow troupe. Sadly, Vlad died in 1956 of erotic asphyxiation, but you can see him direct from the past with the 999 Eyes Freakshow and Surreal Sideshow.




Our Madame Miniature – the Dame Demure is one of the most entertaining attractions in our fabulous Museum ov Mutantstrosities. She never fails to please the crowds with her raucous and dangerous act of dancing on broken glass. Along with H. Burns, she is also one of the foremost ‘inside talkers’, having given guided tours of the 999 EYES museum of oddities to many of the thousands of guests who have passed through the oddities museum.

She is “Eye-Live”, living and breathing, on stage in our show and on the inside of the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities. As seen on T.V. in National Geographic’s “Taboo”, and in Hollywood.



Elizabeth Anderson is one of the world’s foremost experts on the history of the freakshow and medical anomalies. She joined the crew of the 999 EYES as an advisor on medical anomalies and history, and as our chief banner artist.

She has studied intensively since she was a child, fascinated by the fabulous freaks like those that populate the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities.

She has her own Historical Freakshow web site, which you can visit by clicking here:




Available Only By Special Arrangement

Here we see a bizarre woman, a strange girl. Half girl, and half tiger, she is tattooed from the tip of her head to the tops of her toes with tiger stripes. They say that she is immune to pain from the many tattoos covering her body. Katzen is a world renowned performer who has wowed audiences for years, traveling extensively with many shows, as well as her own tours and performances.

She has trained for years to master the arts of the
sideshow – the Human Blockhead, bed of nails, eating fire, and, of course, tattooing. She bears the tiger stripes all over her body, and has even sprouted whiskers from her cheeks.

Katzen is one of the Human Marvels, amazing people that have heavily modified their bodies to reflect their “inner freak”.




Sword swallower extraordinaire, Mister Eric Odditorium wows people around the states with his ever-growing, ever-dangerous brand of sideshow.




Available Only By Special Arrangement.

Here is a man born with one hand greatly engorged over the other. They say he is deadly in a fight, but he prefers the peaceful life of an artist. His name is Greg Allan, and he is a creator of large format photo realist paintings.

Greg Allen’s Mother suffered from acute phobia during her pregnancy. Her phobia was of curious, and some say dubious origin… for she was terrified of one of the most benign images known in western mythology. Familiar, comfortable (to most), yet to her, a frightening specter from beyond, powerful and eville beyond words: The Pillsbury dough boy.

Scientists speculate that this trauma created a maternal impression causing Greg’s hand to be inflicted with congenital lymphedima. Greg’s condition produced the ambidextrous ability of his hands which has contributed to his phenomenal talent of photo realist paintings.

Thee Ambidexterousity shares a condition that has been exhibited by many fabulous freaks of old.


PHOTO BY 999 EYES 2005



Dylan M. Blackthorn can be found in many places throughout world history. He is the keeper of the Quantum Wrench and has traveled back and forth on the roads of time, endlessly searching for members of the 999 Eyes, which he founded in 5 BC, 1850 and again in 2004 with Samantha X and Thee Lobster Girl based on a series of dreams and curious coincidences. Visions of Spiders and Eyeballs in his head brought him into the sideshow world, where he learned the art of the Human Blockhead form Herbie Hatman in the remote wilderness of northern California.

Soon, he was on the road aquisitioning pickled punks, and 2-headed animals for the 999 EYES Museum ov Mutantstrosities, and meeting with famous showmen such as Bobby Reynolds, John Strong, Jim Zajicek, and David Apocalypse. Along the way, he became a “jack-of-all-trades”, painting banners, fixing cars, and performing the other unsavory jobs of the showman, such as collecting eyeballs with his patented “Eyeball Extractor” from unwitting audiences around the country.

Before joining the sideshow world, D. M. Blackthorn has been working with various folks in a collectivist structure putting on free, all ages parties for over 10 years, including GEEKFEST, LIBERTATIA, Pyrate PunX Picnics, S.P.A.Z., and the Autonomous Mutant Festival. D. M. Blackthorn has worked as production assistant for the record labels S.P.A.M. Records Collective, KatabatiK Meta Communications Platform, and PLAGUE WATER brewing collective, as well as booking a few shows on the side.

Former member ov bands the dreaded ACCORDION PLAGUE, thee HOBO GOBBELINSSOUR MASH HUG band, DAY of the ZOMBIE, ORCUS, and CLAN OV THE BLEEDING EYE; as well as performance art troupes INTERNATIONAL MAGGOTT THEATRE, the BOB WIERDOS, and Dr. LEOPOLDS MULTI-FORM CABINET. D.M. Blackthorn is a volunteer with the Black Rock City DPW (Department of Public Works) as a metal artist and grunt worker at the Burning Man event.





The ever-wandering Jewisian, Samantha X is one of the driving forces behind the 999 Eyes. Along with Dylan Blackthorn and Thee Lobster Girl, Samantha created, for those all too often confined to the shadows, a place to shine. Her style combines the forces of Eastern European Jewish music, Yiddish vaudeville and of course, the freakshow!

Samantha plays on a variety of instruments including flute, xylophone, baritone, pennywhistle and jug. Samantha X acts as Inside Talker during our shows and is an expert on the history of the freak show as well as the anatomy and physiology of genetic human anomalies.



With 25 years of violin playing, over 15 years of guitar, and a knowledge of arranging and composition, Doctor Sick is a musical jack of all trades. Using his training in music theory, he’s performed as a singer and instrumentalist for 7 years as a full time artist. No day job for this fella. His credits include 2 years as a street musician in New Orleans, 3 years traveling with Austin’s own Asylum Street Spankers, and 3 years with Dallas based 3 Redneck Tenors (America’s Got Talent). Also a producer of his own Burlesque and Variety shows in Texas and New York, he’s a seasoned announcer, gutsy song writer, and calculated wild man on stage. He plays 15 + instruments, mainly violin and guitar with 999, all the while conducting the band, and even occasionally plays assistant to members of the 999 cast in their bizarre routines.


Swooped up and carried on the wings of a raven, straight from Charm City, Mike Gray landed with a crash into the 999 Eyes Freakshow and Surreal Sideshow. Gray has amassed an arsenal of rhythmic wonders, such as the amazing Go Box (The Zinc King), from his 12 years of mastering the art of percussion.