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The H.V. Quenzer Agency is an entertainment agency representing bizarre talent and alternative models. We book specialty entertainers. Included are circus talent, variety artists, sideshow performers, counter culture models, traveling freak shows, exotic animals and novelty acts.

Our specialty entertainers and models are available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.

On our circus talent roster we have a vast selection which includes contortionists, escape artists, sword swallowers, stilt walkers and knife throwers. Also included are hypnotists, magicians, fire eaters, jugglers, belly dancers and many other bizarre performance artists.

Under group acts you will find our entertainers that come as a group. This includes trapeze artists, burlesque troupes, aerialists, body suspension acts, traveling side-shows and portable circuses.

The alternative female and male models & talent section of the agency represents and books goth or gothic models, punk models, and fetish models. Also booked are pin-up models, retro models as well as models who have many piercings and tattoos.

If your looking for alternative personalities, browse our typecast division for casting and booking little people or dwarfs, older talent, or ugly models. Also included are look-a-likes, plus size models, identical twins, body modification models, character actors, and people with unusual looks.

The wide selection of unique entertainment and models is kept current by scouting regularly.